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We step a little off the reservation for a few minutes this week, discussing the controversial "right to be forgotten" law that's got Google removing search results — and setting a dangerous precedent in the process. Plus, plenty more on Android Wear and the launch of the LG G3. Join us!

Thing 1: Even more on Android Wear

Thing 2: The LG G3, finally

Thing 3: Chromecast and other Google apps updates

Thing 4: Other odds and ends

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    Reader comments

    Android Central 193: The right to be forgotten


    Phil, I picked up a G Watch today and was excited to listen to you guy talk about yours when I got home. I agree that there needed to be a quick way to get to apps on the watch. Then I found wear mini launcher on the wear store app. A simple slide to the left and a transparent app drawer now slides out on my watch! Problem solved by developers already!
    Figured I'd share!

    Posted via Android Central App

    My favorite podcasts are the ones where i have to stop mid-sentence because I was going to say one of those words that Phil would have to edit out :)

    I already have dl in my pocketcast app. Woke up it was there sweet

    Posted via Android Central App

    If the guy from the UK is on Three he can use the "feel at home" thing that they do, no roaming hcarges,exact same prices over here as it would be over there.

    weirdly they have the US but not spain :/

    Liked the smartwatch part of the podcast this week.

    1. As a NEO owner, the smartwatch issues that are important to me are:
    - ability to make/receive calls/texts on the watch
    - battery life
    - customizing the display and menus
    - customizing the watch faces
    - comfort
    (NEO does all that)

    2. Moto360 appears pretty, but why don't you folks also talk a bit (more) about the Kairos (automatic) smartwatch that sounds like a nice idea -coming out in fall/winter of this year.

    3. Surprised that in your discussion on Android Wear that you did not compare the two AW watches' software with Samsung Tizen Gear 2 and NEO where you have a home button, you can rearrange your menus to put the apps you use in the the front screens. Not just for comparison's sake, but it seems that the features you're missing exist in NEO now. . .{Granted, that might confuse the discussion a bit. However, the point is that the software is there --at least in Tizen-- and that's an easy leap (back) to Android. . .Kind of wonder why Google offered up such an immature version of watch software, really.

    (Oh, I agree! Jerry's right -the curve of the watch. For my NEO it makes a difference -good fit for me at least )

    Thanks for the podcast. . .

    Maybe it's because the Samsung Gears like the Neo, Fit, and Gear 2 Tizen watches that are only compatible with Samsung smartphones are not what Android Wear is all about. Mooshing them with Android Wear would be confusing. Perhaps a comparison would be appropriate yet it would be the focus of a much narrower audience perhaps after they both mature and /or we see Apple's offerings in the mix.

    Those proprietary Samsung Gear (Tizen ) devices received their own separate reviews earlier on Android Central.

    Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit review

    the video confirming(?) an ambient light sensor was actually with Cathay Bi, she is the rep in Motorola's official video so she probably know what she's talking about, the video is from TechCrunch