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We've got our full reviews of the LG G3 — so ... many pixels ... — and the OnePlus One out the door. Plus we've go the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active here for some fun, we'll give our take on Apple's latest innovations, and we'll answer your questions live. Come join us!

(PS: If you're looking for Friday's Google I/O entry contest, it's in the podcast. Have a listen!)

Thing 1: Android 4.4.3

Thing 2: It's a major review!

Thing 3: Other schtuff

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Android Central 188: My god, it's full of pixels


How come Jerry didn't say anything about the G3? I'm sure he has plenty of interesting thoughts to share, despite perhaps not having the device in hands yet.

I'm trying not to say or think too much until i get one in my hands.

Half of me thinks this could be the best phone of 2014. The other half of me has concerns about the ram allocation at start-up — especially here in the US where we have so many radio bands active.

I'll have plenty to say when AT&T or T-Mobile have one for me to monkey with :)

Why is your android app still busted? I can't read an article clearly without the page auto-scrolling back to the top, and the text looking ling I've been drinking for 14 hours straight.

Posted via Android Central App

If he is going to chicago he must be going to Motorola and get his own moto 360 like josh topolsky. Its ok NDA