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Folks get all up in arms about something that's not going to happen, Jerry gets all up in arms over something that happened previously, we answer your questions live on air. It's the Android Central Podcast!

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Android Central 186: Phil says relax


I can't disagree more with Phil and Jerry one Nexus 5 being better choice than OnePlus. This is coming from a major Nexus fan. Everyone know all Nexus phones are gimped phones, always lacking something that other flagship such as battery life, display, or camera. Just from all the info we have, it's very clear the OnePlus is better than N5 in all these area, including build quality (The OnePlus is made with similar design to the Oppo Find 7 which have a very durable design (check out XDA "unboxing" of the Find 7a).

The only con of the OnePlus is the 5.5" screen. Also the fact that it's online sale so we aren't sure of how warranty will be handled, but if it's anything like Oppo which have American service locations that you can ship to, then there wouldn't be any issues.

As for updates, let assume for a moment that you will not install custom roms for either phones (which will be in abundance), then it's clear you will get better update with CyanogenMod than with Google. Google stopped updating the Nexus S, then Galaxy Nexus, no reason why they wouldn't stop the Nexus 4 soon. With CyanogenMod, my 4 years old Samsung Captivate is still getting nightly updates from CyanogenMod. Do you think Google will continue to update the Nexus 4 or 5 four years into their product life cycle?

Your last statement is invalid simply because the N4 will have those very same cyanogenmod updates as well.

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That's because CyanogenMod NEEDS nightly updates.

That ish gets old after a while and, IMHO, is NOT a selling point.

The question wasn't whether it's a better choice, it was whether it's better value. And the great thing about opinions is that we all get to have one :)