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We've got the full crew here, back on the proper YouTube channel, and ready to break down the week that was — including the to-do over KitKat and SD cards, all the latest leakage on the new HTC One, plus more of your questions, answered live! Join us!

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Android Central 174: A World Full of Jerrys


Listening to the podcast as I type this. Jerry, what's stopping Google from forcing developers from using best practices?
Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3.

{going to have to listen to the podcast more often. This is my first and it's extremely informative.} ➰

Nothing is stopping them. Traditionally Google has been very permissive with developers, but they could mandate that developers have until a set date to have their apps updated to the latest API or they will be removed.

I'm actually glad they don't, and let us choose which apps are worth keeping on our phones and tablets ourselves.

Android Central Podcast FTW!

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

I was glad you clarified the issue. Also glad I waited for 4.4.2 before I put a sd card in my Note3.
Awesome AC.

Thanks for a great podcast! I listen every week just not live.
About your Drive segment: I use drive and docs for all of my projects. If they'd have separated them I'd not even closely get the same structure that I have right now: All files that belong to a particular project now rest in that project folder, docs documents, word documents and everything else. In your way they'd be separated and so much more messy, at least for me. :-)

Just a heads up, Best Buy price matches Amazon if they're cheaper. As long as it's shipped and sold by Amazon.

Posted via Android Central App