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Phil, Andrew and Alex are joined by Russell Holly of to see where we stand on the new Nexus stuff, the launch of BBM — Its really great user friendly and smooth! — and we take a slew of questions from the live Q&A. Join us!

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  • Phil Nickinson
    Phil Nickinson
  • Andrew Martonik
    Andrew Martonik
  • Jerry Hildenbrand
    Jerry Hildenbrand
  • Alex Dobie
    Alex Dobie


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There are 8 comments

brendilon says:

Best podcast title ever.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81



And Touchwiz implants? I'm game, as long as they come with updates to make them bigger and don't lag, lmao.

Posted via Android Central App

Pseu says:

Idunno. Sometimes a little lag can be a good thing....

Tim Box says:

So there was no NDA for the 24th Press event. Then why has NOBODY said what happened there?

Because nobody that lives outside of NYC went...

a2Squard says:

You all had fun with my question - super stoked to hear it on the podcast! Thanks!!

It's helped a little! I just got it yesterday! & I'm taking it. Back today!!

Posted via Android Central App

Zedd says:

It has a very nice Touchwiz look and feel to it.
That's a compliment, I like touchwiz!

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4