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After a couple weeks away from the live show, we're back with Episode 139 of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! On tap: We'll get the lowdown on everything Samsung announced at its London event this week. Plus Instagram does video, we do more of your questions -- basically it's the best of the week in Android, all in one handy podcast.

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Android Central 139: Android cameras and Insta-Vines


I don't think you guys understand how incredible having nvidia Kepler GPUs on more popular chips would be. Kepler is a massive upgrade.

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Phil, when you mentioned that the S4 mini isn't a mini it struck me that it might be a Samsung marketing ploy to delegate the iPhone as a mid level phone.

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Phil has the most expensive candle coaster I have ever seen. Ahh the plight of the lead editor; swimming in demos and swag. :)

Video time 58:06 onward, blue candle o_O ...

You can throw that extra clutter my way, no complaints from me.

I hope that Waze data is used smartly into Google Maps, and agree that Waze needs to retain the stand alone app.

Great podcast fellas, as always.

I was just kidding about the swag :) . Hard to see what the coaster was in the video, I played to an assumption.

You fellas are the only Android Podcast that actually gives a fair perspective towards the development of the mobile community as a whole. You fellas come from other mobile backgrounds and bring that forward into the android discussion. I really appreciate the good energy and straight talk.


I've enjoyed them. This is my second pair. I have some Sure's for when I need better noise-cancellation. (They're passive, not active.)

I actually prefer the passive cancellation, especially when I'm running - I like to not get run over by cars/bikes :) Thanks for the response, I think I'm going to get them!

I've listened to the podcast and noticed Phil was afraid that the big screen on the new Samsung NX camera could easily shatter, but having a Canon T2i myself, I never cared about this. And these cameras are not (and don't need to be) as thin ans as light as flagship phones like Galaxy S4 even tough the glass in S4 seems prety strong as seen in this video: a car passes over it and doesn't break the glass, the problem is when borders of glass have to stand a hard impact of a hard material, and again in bigger cameras there are bigger bezels so the glass should be safer. Doubling the glass thickness can increase the songstress without being noticed on a camera like the NX.
BTW, loving the dark theme in the new Android app - seems perfect for OLED screens thanks ;)
PS: I'd love to see GS4 Google Edition available in EU (I'm from Portugal and had to import almost all my previous Nexus phones because they either didn't sell here or arrived 6 months later)

Guy who called about wanting his texts to me read back to him from his HTC One that is a feature built into the phone. he just needs to launch the car mode from the one and it will read them back auto and you can reply

While it is a feature on the One, (and I have seen this in prior HTC sense phones) has anyone found a stand alone app for this? It sounds like such a good idea if your phone is in Car mode already..

Phil, I am not sure if others are having this issue or not, but for some reason the video podcast on Pocket Casts does not want to play. I have downloaded it twice and each time it just gives me a black screen whenever I try to play it. Weird ...

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Crap. Nevermind. It is working on my Nexus 7. Something weird going on with my HTC One. Sorry for the confusion. Keep up the great work!

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