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We're back after a couple of weird weeks away, on a new day and at a new time, but still with all the Android amazeballs you've come to expect. Welcome back to the Android Central Podcast!

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Reader comments

Android Central 132: TGIF with the Galaxy S4


Every argument about how good or bad a phone is because of the launcher is 100% invalid.

I'll bet the majority of the android user base has some type of 3rd party launcher. Meaning that the most important thing is the hardware and manufacture support.

I'm going to make a another argument that the battery cover doesn't matter, because you can buy a case or a 100% replacement cover.

And you if want a friend get a dog...sorry I was channeling Mr. Gecko.

Talking about the storage issue, understand these features take up space but my problem is that they advertise this phone, the SGS4 comes in 16, 32 and 64gb of internal storage. That is great, I'm willing and want to spend more on the 32 or the 64 gb models so why the hell isn't those models available for the US Carriers? It seems as of late the US Carriers are selling the pathetic 16gb models that in my opinion isn't enough space for a top of the line smartphone. I bought the SGS3 with 32gb of int storage and added a 64gb class10 sd card. Customers are willing to pay the freight, we want the best phone that they are selling, make it available in the US. I refused to buy the SGS4 for that reason, I want it over the HTC One but will not buy the 16gb model. I hear you guys making the argument about these roms take up more space, that is not the issue, the issue is not selling the larger storage models in the US market. If the customers refused these cheaper versions you would see how fast the Carriers and the manufacturers shipped the larger storage models to the US Market. The larger storage models make the phones so much more capable for the amount of $$ it takes to put the storage in. All done bitching but this is total bull shit. Korea gets the 64gb models, they throw in an extra battery and battery charger all in the same box. US customers want this same opportunity.

Wow that phil guy is soooooo annoying, he must of cut off each guy 5 or six times throughout. Almost unwatchable

Here's an even better idea than having people email voicemails. Don't effing play voicemails! Just have people send regular emails or tweets and then YOU read them. Some people listen to these podcasts on headphones. Not only is the voicemail audio annoying but people talk for way to effing long. YOU summarize and read the user input.

Hey Guys

First of all..Starbucks Dudes. Either get caffeinated or shit-faced. Sumthin LOL.

Anyways, that said. I have some questions on the One and the S4.

On either of the two, can you install another launcher - say Apex or Nova to get more of an ASOP look and if you do will you end up with really jarring transitions between the Sense/Touch-Wiz apps and the 3rd party launchers in everyday usage?

Will the themes used on these 3rd party launchers have any effect on heavily OEM-skinned apps?

How much battery life are you really getting on the HTC One?

What's actual call quality like - both incoming and outgoing on both phones? How loud are the ear-pieces - especially in really noisy environments?

On the S4 have you used an SD card with the phone yet and if so, how do the read/write speeds look?
Any issues with playing back full HD videos for instance from the memory card?

I've heard some games don't work if you try to run them from an SD card. Is this accurate and what about regular apps run from a card?
Does USB OTG work with the S4?

None of these things seem to have been addressed in a most of the reviews I've seen.