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We're just days away from the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Our reviews are in. Are we still buying? The answers might surprise you. Plus, we've got some of the best voicemails we've had in more than 100 episodes. Do. Not. Skip. This. Podcast.

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Android Central 115: On the eve of the new Nexus


I'd think the reason why Miracast might not be supported on Nexus 10 may be the high resolution, maybe they don't have any good way of downsampling the resolution to support miracast without adversely affecting performance.

Phil: you can get one into my hands! :D ;) I'm very very very curious how well the N4 will work with an N7 as traveling companions. Say, find directions with the N4, then beam the navigation directions to an N7 (passenger riding in a car, NOT the driver).

Back-cracking optional.

There are a lot of other things that Google can, and I think should, bake into the Nexus family making them work together seamlessly. I would hope that starts 11/13 with 4.2.0. But we haven't seen any demos of that, just show 'n tell of the individual devices IIRC.

Phil - You REALLY need to crank up your mic level. You have a large diaphragm mic right in front of your face and you sound like you're on a tinny Radio Shack mic across the room. Meanwhile, Alex and Jerry are loud and clear.

I have seen it where the top of the mic is facing his mouth. That is bad. He needs to make sure that the diaphragm is facing him. The front diapragm picks up sound. The read diaphragm cancells out sound. So speaking into the top will produce a thin sound. It is done this way to isolate the intended input while blocking out as much background noise as possible. That might be the issue. But I haven't watched ths episode yet, so I can't confirm that to be the culprit.

I seem to be having issues finding a good link to download just an audio track of the podcast. Can someone help me out with that?

Haha, it's pretty funny that there was an email about Google Music not supporting gapless playback, and now the app has been updated today to support it.