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Just as soon as Google will allow, we can have it

Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly is one of our absolute favorite podcast apps for Android, and it turns out that it'll be getting support for one of our new favorite devices. Just as soon as Google allows it. We're of course talking about the Chromecast, and the good folks at Ausdroid have popped along to the Shifty Jelly offices to get a brief look at it in action. 

The issue isn't that they don't want us to have it, but that Google is currently forbidding the release of any third-party apps supporting Chromecast while some final details are finished off. But Pocket Casts works just fine with it, as the short video after the break shows. What better way to listen to the best damn Android podcast in the world than on your big screen TV? 

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Pocket Casts will be getting Chromecast support in the future


Does this mean that PocketCasts wouldn't also be available in a Chrome browser on a PC? (I'd love that, with the cross-device syncing capability of the newer versions.)

That's funny, I had that conversation with them at lunch today w when I grabbed this video. Its an idea they are hatching!

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Awesome! I think this will convince me to get one, was on the fence. Can't wait for this and Netflix/Hulu Plus support.

I've been using DoggCatcher for years, but this is a feature that would get me to switch to PocketCast in an instant!

BeyondPod tablet edition has had the Google Cast button on it for a while now.
No idea if it works as I don't have a Chromecast to test it on yet.

As a side note I'm glad to see someone other than me listens to the No Agenda Show:)

Swiftkey and PocketCasts my 2 favorite Android apps because the Devs never stop working. Was sitting with my new Chromecast the other night hoping they got the ability to work with this app and here the Devs already have it worked out apparently. Good on them!

Releasing apps with Chromecast's beta SDK isn't forbidden. Google says this: "We strongly recommend that you do not publicly distribute any application using this preview SDK, as this preview SDK will no longer be supported after the official SDK is released (which will cause applications based only on the preview SDK to break)."