Playboy Android app

OK, there are pictures, too. Of girls. But there's one big difference between the app and the magazine.

In another life, some 15 years ago, I had a subscription to Playboy. As in the magazine. I'd returned home from the University of Florida, moved out of my parents' house and in with a few friends and, well, why not. I was a bachelor in my early 20s. It was time to do something (else) Mom and Dad (well, Mom, anyway) wouldn't approve of.

A couple things I remember from that era:

  1. The nudie pics all sort of looked the same. No real long-term gratification there, ya know, at least when it came to the nameless, airbrushed pictures. (Known celebrities was another matter, though. I'll never forget that first magazine that arrived, with Brooke Burke, and we'll never let the one roommate live down hoarding the issue with Belinda Carlisle, who was north of 40 when she posed — twice our age.)
  2. Never mind the timeless "I read Playboy for the articles" line — there truly was (and continues to be) some fantastic writing in there.

I'm married now. (To a woman 6 years older than me and who's also north of 40, which is just one reason why I'm smiling as I'm writing this, thinking back to that Belinda Carlisle issue.) I have two daughters. That old stash of Playboys has long since been tossed out. (If I remember correctly, my friends and I had some sort of ceremony. Perhaps even a viking funeral pyre.)

And now we have an official Playboy app on Android.

It's a softer side of the seminal men's magazine

Let's just get this out of the way: You'll not find any real nudity in this app. Frankly, it's not too much beyond what you might get from any one of those cheesy bro magazines that gained popularity in the late 1990s. That explains how the app's available in Google Play. If you're looking for out and out porn, look elsewhere.

Here's what you do get: An attractive app with easy navigation (though it relies a little too much on the back button for my taste) that serves up a tease of the girls (who sooner rather than later will end up being young enough to be my kid — a thought I'll continue to shove aside for as long as possible) alongside a good bit of that excellent written content.

Playboy Android app

The video splash screen is a nice touch, leading you in to a simple menu system. Scroll through "Latest" (in which you'll find more words, and some pictures — which is updated daily and includes features from Me in My Place, which we've featured here before. "The Good Life" brings more art and food and culture into the mix. "The Articles" is ... wait for it ... articles from the current month's issue. "Girls" is a smattering of women in various NSFW but also SFGP (that'd be safe for Google Play, as in nothing that you couldn't show on cable TV) undress.

And "The Vault" — marked by an old-school pic of Hef himself — is where you'll find your saved content. That is, you'll find content from previous months that you can unlock for $1.99 each via an in-app purchase (which you also get to through The Vault), and any stories that you've bookmarked. You can download individual pictures as well, but they end up in your storage file structure (sdcard>pictures>playboy) at a smartphone-standard resolution.

If you've never actually read Playboy, now's your chance

So Playboy with no nudity? What good is that? Depends on what your expectations are, I suppose. For me, it's access to the articles in a more acceptable manner (as in not in a web browser, and without magazines laying around to confuse my daughters). The price isn't horrible either — the app is free, and subscriptions run $1.99 a month, or $11.99 if you do a year at a time. And it's done right — all through Google Play. No having to enter your information somewhere else.

And at this stage of my life, that's good enough.


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The Playboy Android app: It really is (mostly) about the articles


This is why i like reading Phil's articles! That was funny , and I really liked it lmfao!!

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I never minded the airbrushing. Playboy pictorials were all about fantasy, and fantasy is something detached from reality. Yet for the last decade or so, their editors have been obsessed with tattoos.
Femjoy is the new Playboy, yet it only exists online. The models are almost always outdoors - posing by lakes, river banks, in the woods, etc. They rarely have even one stitch of clothing. And they're almost invariably depicted in full form, from head to toe. Oh yeah, and no tattoos. Ever. Period.
However, these characteristics are only applicable to the first seven or eight years {the site is now just over ten}. The last couple years are beneath notice. For me, anyway. There's been a big influx of amateur photographers who know zilch about taking good pictures. Totally ruined the place! Except for the several hundreds galleries that date prior to their great ruination.
X-9 = 2B^3

Tattoos are popular, especially in the group Playboy's models come from. It's not surprising to see them in the magazine, and they never use heavily tattooed girls.

So if you have real girls and good news articles to read already, this app is useless, right?

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Which would not be allowed in Google Play and thus not reach nearly the people

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Has I get older and my knees pop and I go to bed a little earlier each year I do love the reading about "back in the day".

Despite the "Android is for porn" jokes, Google Play doesn't really allow apps any racier than iTunes does.

22 comments and nobody has pointed out the excellent double entendre of "the seminal men's magazine"?

Bravo, Phil. Bravo!

"girls (who sooner rather than later will end up being young enough to be my kid — a thought I'll continue to shove aside for as long as possible)"

<sigh> Reminds me of the time I went to Hooters and realized the amazing looking blonde waitress that caught my eye was actually one of my daughters' friends all through school. :(

The wife's over 40 Phil? Really you just said that? I see cold hotdogs and sleeping on the couch in your know just like 15 years ago :-)


The girl in the first picture would be SO much more attractive without that stupid gun tattoo.