HTC One Mini.

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The HTC One Mini is finally official, and we've had the chance to get our hands on HTC's latest miniature marvel. The One Mini packs many of the features of the full-sized One into a dinky 4.3-inch chassis, with a 720p display and re-tooled internals. At a glance, the Mini's design is much the same as its big brother — but take a closer look and there are plenty of subtle differences to see.

So be sure to check past the break for our HTC One Mini photo gallery, including side-by-side shots with the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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In pictures: The HTC One Mini


Very nice. I wish when they made these mini versions that it had the same hardware as its bigger brother. Still a great phone and fits a size a lot of people desire.

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So do I, but that'll never happen because the engineering cost it would take to get those same internals into the smaller frame of a mini would double the cost of the mini phone, and no one would pay twice as much for a smaller phone.

Love the size and design, this is actually what I would hope the original One is sized at, but don't dig the specs... I guess you can't have everything perfect.

I think the HTC copying of Samsung's cases is really bad. The case looks ugly when you cannot remove the back and replace with the case back.