Unboxings are usually pretty lame, but come on, this is Google Glass!

What we have here is an unboxing video -- a rather choppy one, no less -- from Google Glass Explorer Dan McLaughlin. He went down to Google HQ to pick up his Explorer Edition of Google's highly anticipated wearable tech, and kindly decided to share with us, regular non-Glass owning folks. 

So, what do you get? A charger and a microUSB cable, a pouch, an attachable shade and clear lens, and of course, Glass. While we're going to have to wait a while to try them out for ourselves, there's no doubt it's an exciting time in the Google world. 

Google has also posted a support page for Glass, which offers the full rundown of how to use it, and also offers a couple of screenshots of the user interface. 

via Engadget


Reader comments

Photos and unboxing videos start to appear of Google Glass Explorer Edition


Um... excuse me sir: I do believe that your camera was stuck on burst mode for an hour. Not to sound mean, but I could have done without the verbal diarrhea. My ears will recover shortly. The internet loves Short and sweet! And yes, I'm slightly jealous! Kudos on being one of the first!

Really wish that I would have had the $ to get one of these early. Very exciting technology for sure.

Going to be very interesting to see what creative people can do with these.

I have to admit that I am jealous. Wish I could have forked out the money for one. I have plenty of creative uses and ideas for Glass. I just hope they are not outrageously price when they are released to the general public.