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Hey Chromecast owners, PBS Kids, Deezer, and Daily Burn are now all big-screen friendly.

PBS Kids offers a whole bunch of cartoons and educational programming for the young'uns, and recently just got their own Apple TV channel too. Deezer is a well-established streaming music service and cloud content locker for audiophiles. Daily Burn offers high quality workout videos, which is timely, seeing as we're in the tail of #MobileFit Month.

We had a bunch of sports apps add Chromecast support earlier this month, and new ones are hopping in all the time. Which Chromecast-enabled apps are your favorite? Are there any you're still really holding out for?

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PBS Kids, Daily Burn, and Deezer get Chromecast support


Dammit, I just cancelled my Daily Burn membership last week because they were dragging their heels with streaming support.

Most of the UK TV companies or UK apps are not on board yet, very few big name apps seem to be available this side of the pond. Still waiting for Flixster to offer UK support and Crackle pulled out of the UK altogether. If I use the US version of Netflix it won't stream to Chromecast from my phone or laptop and the UK version is pretty naff. Thank goodness I can stream local content. Best thing about the Chromecast outside of Google Music, YouTube and BBC iPlayer. Shame as it's a nifty piece of equipment.

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Do you think Spotify will follow the bandwagon with Deezer, Rdio and Google play music all supporting the Chromecast, seems a missed opportunity not to?

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i have chromecast and a Asus pad with PBS Kids installed. Youtube works great with chromecast but i cannot get PBS kids to work with chromecast. i dont even see the icon on my pad's screen to cast.
Any help