What's this in our inbox? Why, it's an invitation to OUYA's launch party March 28 in San Francisco. The $99 Android gaming console is one of the more anticipated releases this year, and it's as intriguing for what it's not as much as for what it is. A sub-$100 console? Consider our interest piqued. And it's not sporting the most high-tech specs you've ever seen. But, again, that price tag. 

Anyhoo. On March 28, OUYA's unwrapping this thing, and we'll be in SF to bring the whole thing to you.


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OUYA throwing a little launch party March 28 in San Francisco


$99 Android console = me on my butt for a few days exploring every menu and every setting this thing has to offer followed up with some gaming action.

mm another android gadget to add to a growing wish list, or do I just opt for project shield and hope they add miracast and hdmi tv plug in accessory for wireless screen streaming?