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Oh, and by the way -- all 31 winners (one for each day in December) will be entered to win a shiny new Nexus 4, still in its box, sitting here on our desk. (In case you had any concern for our ability to snag what remains an unsnaggable device.)

So ... for today's entries: Leave a comment on this post and tell us the top Android-related feature you're hoping for in 2013. One entry per person, yadda yadda yadda.

Good luck!

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hollerwt says:

vzw to stop blocking google wallet.

P-Men says:

I really want to try the Android 4.2 camera. I'd like an 4.2 update for my Note II.
Besides that, I'd also love some Tegra games to work on my Note II, like Horn, for example.

drt777 says:

I'd like a stock launcher that allows for greater modifications so I don't need to employ the services of a third-party launcher.

My top feature is make the damn Qi charging more compatible and universal. As of now, Qi standard is a joke.

martyah says:

I have one old and one new request. Old request first: I need Bluetooth to work on the Nexus7 as good as it did before the JB point-1 update. As to the new request: as others before me have already posted -- more/better battery life on the N7. And thanx, too, for another cool giveaway.
- martyh

Dubreggae420 says:

hopefully and Update to Jelly bean 4.2 for my samsung galaxy s3 (sprint) by the end of 2013 at least

bobtheasian says: feature.....I don't know if i could pick one so I'll just say Whatever Key Lime Pie has to offer!!

pro_con says:

Proper group SMS/MMS would be nice

cessnao3 says:

The ability for the underlying OS to be upgraded separately in a timely manner from Google, with the UI modifications from vendors like Samsung being themes on top, allowing for overall faster updates.

MadCow1 says:

Better camera app.

hairclog says:

I would like to see better/more creative NFC adoption

wehnertb says:

Network domain support.
Proxy support by network being accessed with domain support.
Universal printing.
Full compatability between chrome desktop & android.
Delete key on keyboard as well as arrow keys.

jblank says:

I'd love to see a hybrid-mode that allows some "bells and whistles" yet still conserves battery.

cpaight says:

Key Lime Pie, a battery that runs on cold fusion and an app that makes the phone hover six inches off my desk to prevent scratches

taha24 says:

A way to reduce latency on mobile data connections?

sconrad308 says:

Better battery life and more Google Now cards

the galaxy s4 or the note 3. It will be around my upgrade time..

SDWolf says:

Photosphere and Android 4.2 for my Droid Razr Maxx HD.

TheMrFun says:

Official app split-screen support

bobbykun says:

count me in

beetlefreak says:

I'd love to see multi-window/app support hit AOSP sometime this year. On a tablet, that would be a killer feature.

Timelessblur says:

For me it is for Google to fix the pics poor upgrade support and time line for updates for all phones. Starting with moto

The next EVO better transform in to a spaceship!

MrSherms says:

Widespread usage of Google Wallet.

MrSherms says:

Argh, double post.

I think I want more butter, and more expanded google now spookiness :)

PHADE says:

I would love for the Nexus line to incorporate Fingerprint Scanning (Like the Atrix 4G has)

spartanguy81 says:

Photo sphere

Native side-by-side multitasking!

As much as I hate to use a food related response after the disgustingly ENORMOUS amount of food I ate over the holiday, I must say that I am looking forward to some KEY LIME PIE goodness!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Public Ingress, app backup without rooting, and a built in way to forward SMS to my laptop would be nice, too.

sxayarath says:

MHL enabled Nexus tablet or a universal nexus dock with hdmi out.

So this isn't so much a feature but a fixing of a problem. I can't wait for HTC to come up with the fix to the JB update, which caused so many more bugs than it fixed. That is what I'm waiting for in 2013.

Oh yea, that and the ability to see percentage on the battery meter in the top right without having to add an app.

jlself says:

Streaming photos, video or the phone/tablet itself to an HDTV!

cp19 says:

Battery life!

jenskristian says:

I'd love to see more focus on Google TV

Better battery life and integrated cpu controls.

98tiburonfx says:

I'm hoping for less bezels so we can keep the big screens on a smaller phone.

LadyDi says:

It's not Android related but I want better battery life as well. It's all I can think of besides the mysterious disappearing and uninstalling of an app, all by themselves. SGS2

rsanchez1 says:

I want Matthias Duarte to bring more webOS goodness to Android. How about card-based multitasking? Swipe up, see all your cards with active tasks in them, stack the cards into groups of tasks, swipe the card away to close the task (way better than using a task killer app). This is the Android feature I want.

TankMech says:

An nfc otg like dock for swapping files and back ups. All androids should have otg too, the nexus 7 is so much better with it. Storage being so small in some models its necessary for all the big game titles, music,and movies. a hotswap bay or dock to transfer files to a hard drive or usb jump drive would be sweet.

JediJesus95 says:

I'm hoping Google buys Rdio or Spotify or a similar type of service.

veera_84 says:

next nexus with an optional soft touch back cover... phones are becoming slippery :-)

Looking forward to sgs 3 getting to 4.1.2 and release of sgs4

slyder0244 says:

Mine is more from a hardware perspective. I'd like all tablets to have higher res screens and micro sd slots.

pellik333 says:

App backups without the need to have Titanium back up. That would sooooo come in handy.

Teniferman says:

True multitasking with WebOS-like cards. In like Flint!!!

brays08 says:

Android instant messaging. Something like BBM.

daniel2744 says:

I would like to see some sort of multitasking like what the S3 and note 2 has.

mickey4mice says:

My top wish for Android in 2013 is for OEMs to stop locking the bootloader (Hello LG, are you listening?)!

Also to Samsung, please leave the ugly S3 design behind in 2013; the curve, pebble color and physical button are so yesteryear.

SSherris says:

I'd love to see WebOS-style "cards" to manage open apps.

evhershey says:

I would love the ability to download beer on my Samsung Galaxy.
This could be monetized by allowing other beverages such as sodas and whiskey or a frosted glass to be made available as part of the Premium version.

aerojunky says:

I would like to see more integration with Chrome.

FreakyX says:

The ability to transport Star Trek style!

NoSpin says:

A Game Center for Android that lets me sync game progress between devices! And with no SD cards, lets me uninstall a game and not lose my data when I re-install it!.

return_0 says:

I would love a NexusBook that would be a convertible touch laptop (with detachable screen and keyboard) that can dual-boot to Android and a touch-friendly version of Chrome OS.

robreyes4 says:

Like most others, a longer lasting battery to go with the great screen of the Galaxy S III...

Vito2000 says:

I would like to see Google TV really done right in 2013, and packaged in a Blu-Ray player.

Treknologist says:

The one feature I want: a FIXED back button! One that always does the same thing! :)

Cyxodus says:

I'm not sure which feature I'm hoping for yet. I just got an Android tablet.

bar1203 says:

I'd like to see Google now display college sports scores.

phillykish says:

Reading a usb drive.

mdholgate says:

Better Secure syncing to an Activ Directory Exchange system.

PaulieC83 says:

Stricter update regulations for manufacturers/carriers. Better battery life.

Kubastank says:

Better battery life and quicker updates...

SomeAudioGuy says:

Hoping for improved voice control through google now.
As much as i love android, here's to hoping we see more about Glass during 2013!

Tiltowait says:

I don't how this could happen, possibly through google drive, but some sort of cross game save. I switch between my phone and tablet a lot, so this would be awesome.

I'm hoping for Google to improve the Location Aware Tasks (like turn on and off WIFI, bluetooth and NFC) and make it built-in to Android system instead of third party apps.

And can add one more? Please improve the camera for Android, at least make it as good as the iPhone.

autox3c says:

Better battery life and more frequent OS updates for non-nexus devices to fight fragmentation.

Adib Kozlow says:

I want better battery life and a friggin Amazon Prime app!!!!! Love my Nexus 7, this from a Mac guy.

rc213 says:

Gamecenter feature.

chupajr says:

I'm crossing my fingers that the manufactures will actually adhere to the update promise that they made a couple of years ago.

I'd love to get a version of JB on my phone that didn't have to be cobbled together by the hacking community.

killakel77 says:

the galaxy s4...i know i'm reaching and 5.0 keylime pie

vwclass11 says:

I would like to be able to use my Hulu Plus account on my Google TV, oh and thanks for the gift card.

GUHoya94 says:

Wireless charging please.

KCC123 says:

Would love to see more networking between devices.

juustin56 says:

The multi-window feature from Samsung for my Galaxy S3 would be neat to show off.

Kenny Oxler says:

How about a widget for Google Now. See the cards and flip through them...

cbravos says:

I would like to see better battery management and an easier way to clear unneeded app data!

Vyrlokar says:

I would love to see Google Wallet and Google Voice working in my country (Spain)

bevon says:

I am wishing for more than one nexus brand next year, hopefully sprint, htc etc bring out their versions so we can pick and choose. Hopefully this will help spread the nexus brand even more.

brintonjay says:

I'd love to see some more refining on Google Apps (such as play store, etc). They're getting better everyday but sometimes I feel something is still lacking. But, as much of a gimmick feature it is, I would love to see wireless charging go mainstream. (And what better way to help out by getting a free Nexus 4 from Android Central ;-) )

dbareis says:

I'd like to be able to dock my laptop with a tablet (which is little more than a screen, docking is wireless) and to also dock it to a desktop setup and use the screen, keyboard and mouse just like docking a laptop. I'd like to to go further and use its network and probably more powerful cpu etc also (all desktop resources). That way I'd have one master control which is my phone but it becomes more powerful when docked. I'd then get rid of my laptop.

gburns says:

Full blown Jelly Bean on my bionic

I would really like to see the older, less powerful hardware go away on Android. Why pay for a top of the line phone and get apps that have to compatible with old single core phones with less than a GB of RAM?

jisaac16 says:

I want a Nexus phone of my own in 2013! Waiting for an update for my Thunderbolt might kill me!

yamatime says:

I would love to see Google play download to ur phone in a folder you can find and in mp3 format.

rpmm70 says:

I would like to see better battery life and the multi-screen feature (from Note II) built into stock Android.

Ken Brant1 says:

I wish my samsung galaxy tab could use a flash player

klcow says:

:D :D

sfringer says:

If I knew what the next great Android feature should be I'd work at Google!

veinedstorm says:

It's kind of an utopic thing, but I would like to see update to Key Lime Pie for everyone, every models, every carriers, every countries! And the world would be a happy place! =D

To be able to empty trash in Gmail.

ajm135 says:

mutiple user accounts on the phones

bigdav1178 says:

I, personally, would like to see split-screen functionality (like the Galaxy Note-series have) come to the general Android platform. Working with multiple windows, or at least the option to do so, seems like a very logical evolution of the platform.

djg1701 says:

The Google X phone by Motorola... on Verizon.

carlwis says:

Built in facial recognition which tags my photos as I take them automatically

chrisfl1963 says:

Hope to see Jelly Bean someday on my phone, but it'll have to be a different phone. My Artix 2 will never see it.

one click access to universal search of the phone's apps

Jazzmackie says:

Google Wallet working on HTC DNA

Pierce09 says:

I would like to see group MMS implemented into AOSP (I believe it may have been added in Android 4.2, not 100% sure though).

LinuxKnight says:

I am hoping to see a high end phone that isn't a phablet. I am frustrated with this trend of better = bigger... why not have a fully loaded 4.0" device? Now anything less than 4.5+" is relegated to the entry level bin. Well pshaw I say, pshaw.

hdfegely says:

I'm looking forward to the very long over-due Jellybean update on my otherwise brand new HTC One X.. had the phone less than a month and I keep seeing the international and other One-series getting the update.. let's GO AT&T!

(oh, and a Google Play card might be nice too)

ultravisitor says:

I want for even more design consistency throughout the UI. ICS and JB have already been making great strides in this area.

kw041081 says:

Better voice command.

Better full-screen capability for devices with on-screen buttons.

krok says:

improvements in batter live would be great.

Nice post-Christmas gift

scaots says:

Five row soft keyboard! Please! With cursor keys, please

shaymojack says:

I'm hoping for better app syncing between android devices signed into the same Google account. Especially for games!

Much faster updates through the carriers, and I would love to see larger amoled screens!

Stephman says:

Let's go lady luck! I'd rather deal with you than Santa!

kygator13 says:

I hope to see expandable memory come back to htc devices.

sdreelin says:

Hard to say with Android being so awesome already. I will say every time they add more cards to Google Now it gets more awesome, so hopefully we will see that expand even more in 2013.

mlbgk says:

I am hoping for pre-rooted Android devices & better battery life.

hamblindave says:

Please Google– combine Android messaging, Google Voice, Google Talk, and G+ Messenger/hangouts into one single service/app. *I* know how/when to use each of these, but it confuses the heck out of the general public, which lessens their adaptation and effectiveness for everyone.

nocaldawg says:

One realistic and one not. ICS officially from Verizon on my Tab 7.7 and holographic display from my Android device without glasses. You can decide which is which!

polonica3 says:

Better battery life

rmkilc says:

A Nexus 4.5? O.o

alkthree87 says:

A bug-free Android 4.2.1 would be nice. Sooner rather than later, obviously.

I would love an at&t JB update for my one x

gt7143c says:

More Google Now functionality

iamblob says:

Waiting for JB for the SGS2, hopefully they release it in 2013

lisuhhh says:

better battery life

Purgatory says:

better nfc support

an Actual Google Music software download comparable to WindowsMediaPlayer/iTunes to manage music instead of just being a library coupled with a beefed up Music app for my GNex that would allow for a full-fledged equalizer

Delawareduff says:

Happy New Year !! :)

A better LockScreen widget layout and functionality for Jelly Bean! I think that the idea has potential but it needs work! Also the Multi-users feature for tablets, i cant wait till it works 100%. I've heard it has a couple of bugs!

Let me see that Google play card!

I'm completely down for a Nexus 4, but news of the next Nexus phone has me excited. :D

GC736 says:

Photosphere and 4.2 for my Verizon Galaxy S3

AJC1973 says:

I'd like to see a more "google now" like integration to my phone. Google now relies on Google products. While that is great I do have other parts of my life I'd like to see correlated and put in front of me. Integration of other email sources and calendars would be great. If I get an email with a flight reservation to my work or yahoo accounts I'd like not to have to forward it to Gmail to get Google now to bring it up.

I get that it's called Google now and not yahoo now. But a more device integrated app would be sweet

dpzbatman79 says:

Sprint LTE and better battery life.

thunderproof says:

UMA support would be great.

royalflushr says:

Better google wallet integration.

I know it's not going to happen, but I would love to see WebOS's nice card-based interface for controlling and switching between apps.

Also: if you're not going to support microSD cards, include more storage (16GB is unacceptable today, 32GB is just sufficient for today, 64GB would be preferred).

Mr. West says:

Better battery efficiency, or project roadrunner is what i believe google named it.

daspaz411 says:

Multi-screen feature to Verizon Galaxy S3!

Cassi Lowe says:

I agree with many of the other comments - better battery life!

3.juan4 says:

As a WebOS fan on too Android I would mind having a Card like feature to be able to switch quickly from one program to another with out errors or lag.

WatcherJohn says:

I would like a functional/usable concurrent app phone and tablet.

ehaus81 says:

I'd love for Google to build in something where OEMs can install their Android experience along with Google's so that users can use what they want on their devices. Or a way that the OEMs could put their customized software in the Play store and make it available to users. I know this could cause confusion among some users but in the end I believe it's the correct way to please everyone. If a user is happy with the stock Google experience, then they have nothing else to do to their phone; but if they find it lacking in some respect, the OEMs would be able to provide an alternative experience that could enable more hand holding or something more pleasing to the eyes of those users. The Pantech Flex has a similar system in place with their "Easy Experience" which is an easy mode for people making the transition from feature phones to smartphones. This is built into the ROM and I'm sure they used customized versions of the standard phone apps but it could be changed to include Google's experience. I'm quite sure this is feasible. Android is about being open and empowering users to choose what they want. We have all the ability in the world to choose what hardware we want - screen size, physical keyboard, etc. - but the software experience is mandated to us by the carriers and OEMs.

MysticMi says:

One thing i would love to see is noooo bloatware.

antonioss says:

The new key pie lime 5.0

Hoping to soon get Jelly Bean for Galaxy Tab 2.

erikiksaz says:

To be able to tap at the nab bar to go to the top of any page.

JoeShmoe says:

I'd like to see Android be undisputedly good enough to have my Father change from his iPhone to Android ;) :P

ivrimon says:

I still think media is still one part where Android lags behind iOS. I would LOVE Google (or someone else) to come up with podcast syncing with at least a web client available.

Not quite for Android but definitely for Google in general it would be great if they released desktop clients for Google Music - mainly so I could use it full-time and download select playlists/artists like on Android.

twbrooklyn says:

A new Nexus phone that works on Sprint......

android_app says:

4.2 on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus, better battery life and some kind of Airplay feature.

Aple132533 says:

Photosphere on the GNII

aplusjimages says:

I know the Note 2 has it but I'm hoping it becomes standard for multi screens. Mainly I want my music player and GPS to share a screen. It would really help when driving.

jc_17 says:

project battery life extreme :D

I'm just hoping carriers will stop being so hardheaded and let their devices get Jelly Bean already! Stop making everyone wait years later when another Android update is released.

EZYE says:

I wish for true multitasking in next version of android.

Mosby09 says:

How about a way to get rid of Bloatware without having to root?

Gator352 says:

Bluetooth voice command integration with Google NOW! NOW dangit I said NOW!!!

gtmerciless says:

I'd love to see default cloud syncing of app settings and saved games so all devices can be identical. If Google really wants me to have lots of Android devices this is a vital feature.

dongemus says:

I want video streaming over wifi!

Cbalber82 says:

New to the forums, but been a regular reader for a while now. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting Touchwiz Premium for my SGS3 in 2013

t-b says:

Better power efficiency would be nice - and a customizable settings menu bar thingy.

Fady Mahfouz says:

An amazing battery life.

YBCold says:

Photosphere for yhe Galaxy Note 2 woukd be awesome!

A free gift card wouldn't be so bad either!

Happy Holidays!

Droid Brick says:

I'd like to see a bbm type messenger in the new OS! Also, some LTE Nexus love would be nice.

willy.morgan says:

I would like to see stronger voice integration in the next iteration of Android. I.E. voice dictation of notes, voice browsing.

BigAtrain says:

I want Jellybean for the NOTE 10.1

Hoping to see google apps that will work Pandigal novel!!

Pandigital novel needs a youtube that willplay videos.

rakli67 says:

A jellybean update for my Skyrocket.

Shreyas13 says:

Better Multi-tasking! Palm did it so well...

bartclan says:

The feature I'd like to see is more integration of HTML5 into Android browsers.

inabeled says:

hoping for a nexus phone with capacitive menu buttons instead of the onscreen ones and a micro sd card slot!

cerps says:

I'd like an auto ringer/sound profile capability baked into AOSP. Or at least a manual sound profile controller. I know you can download apps for this, but why doesn't Google put this in stock AOSP?

Spide says:

Ability to choose density/number of icons shown on application menu pages within stock android

AnneO says:

A JB update for my Galaxy Note.

AndroiX says:

I'd like to see a Multiple Users feature for all android devices, not just tablets.

Happy holidays everyone.

ace-r1 says:

On my nexus phone,better camera software.

fcjr77 says:

Better NFC support for more handsets and to be able to use Google Wallet in more places.

phenotype says:


eancox says:

Jelly bean for my Internationial Note and my Acer Icona tablet

aznturtle says:

A Offial update for my nexus one. :P

gizak says:

i'd like an airplay option, but obviously with superior features. Our phones should be mobile consoles and video streamers regardless of the screen we want to use it on. build it into google tv boxes or sell dedicated mini g-stream boxes just for seemless, intuitive, wireless video stream. IE: just as you'd use NFC to share with another phone, allow me to just tap the g-stream box and video goes to that monitor.

lindend says:

I'd like to see a better Google Voice app.

DrunkFux says:

hoping vanilla android adds good overlay features to its stock layout, like the swiping left or right on a contact to call or sms... adding the multitasking windows like samsung has... and most imp... add a stock black or inverted or dark theme to it...!

NDchem2014 says:

I'm looking forward to wireless charging as a standard in all phones.

Multi Window support

BajanTech says:

It'd like to unlock the phone via the home key rather than the power button

Greater emphasis on optional external storage and larger more expansive games for 2013 on Android.

Copernikcus says:

I want to see better integration from PC to phone natively. I love opening something on Chrome PC and having it right away on phone. I would love to see it advance to more then just the web browser.

ottscay says:

I'm hoping for a Motorola X phone that beats Apple at the build quality game.

Ponic says:

Hoping that Project Roadrunner becomes a reality!

Fussolia says:

I'd like Google to learn from Samsung about how they do S Beam, which is by establishing a wifi direct network when tapping two devices to use Android Beam. Currently it uses Blutooth. This makes file transfers much faster. Thanks for the chance to win!

iOS like quality google maps app

cyanogen-man says:

Woot!!!! 10 bucks woot looking forward to an 4.2.1 upgrade to my already awsome one x+ woot happy new years android central!!!

atlas9171 says:

I'd like to see Google Now expand and improve.

Nexus 7 with 1080 p screen, tegra 4, wireless charging, 8 megapixel camera, and of course android 5.0. I would love the Google play cards to go with my nexus 7 :-)

gtbarry says:

Hand gesturing using the front facing camera to control options such as:
- silence an incoming call
- control the MP3 player or photo gallery
- launch apps such as Google plus or voice
- etc.

This would be a huge wow factor for apple users to admire from afar.

(I know there are some apps that do this, but I don't find them reliable at all. I even remember using Eye Sight from my Nokia days and that worked much better than the google apps I have seen to date. Well done and built into the OS would be amazing!)

Battery Life! :D Merry Christmas to all, specially Andriod Central!

NeuBreed says:

Hmm not sure what else I'd like. But could put this prize to use.

gorosz says:

Wireless charging would definitely be great. I work in a store that repairs phones and the number of issues we see with charging ports are insane. Most of which are user caused, but sometimes you have to protect people from themselves. In 2013 I would also love to see a BEAST of a Nexus phone. Something along the lines of the Optimus G, but also include an SD slot. I don't care how huge the internal memory is, I still want an SD slot. Give me 64GB internal and the option for a memory card.

r1fo says:

I want more games to use Google's cloud based storage solution for saved files. Honestly the main reason I root my phone is to be able to back up my saved data, seems like it's something that should be standard practice.

peambrosio says:

Happy Holidays!

Better battery life. Thanks!

rap1 says:

More support for running multiple apps. Would like to be able to run 2 phone apps both in protrait orientation while with a tablet in landscape or the 2 apps in landscape with the tablet in portrait.

fwhminnm says:

Faster android OS updates. Key lime pie here we come!

Jared-5 says:

OK, since you asked:

The top Android-related features I'm hoping for in 2013, would be:

- upgrade my Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean (AT$T)
- improve Google Voice reliability and integration (use *only* GV on my phone)
- MMS support on Google Voice
- improved battery life would be great
- more memory in all devices without SD cards (16GB is already so yesterday)
- bring back Google Latitude as a separate icon, don't bury it in Maps
- improve Gmail app. I'd like to *bold* and _underline_ text in my emails
- make 1280x800 the *minimum* resolution on all future devices

- Google Now:
* options for Google Now to access multiple emails (I use one address for package tracking emails, and another for airline reservations, Google Now only sees one email address) to help with notifications.
* better responsiveness/interaction. I have to wait around for Google Now to decide which cards to show me. Let me ask it to update, or 'look ahead' instead of just 'now'.

- Google Nexus 7 with:
* rear camera (it's very hard to use Google Goggles with front camera only)
* USB host support (if I can't have an SD slot, give me USB host)
* HDMI out (I'd buy more Google Play movies if I had HDMI out)

- Contacts/Gmail:
A BlackBerry feature I really miss, is being able to have a distinct 'ringtone' for individual contacts when I get their emails. Yes, I said each CONTACT can have a different notification tone. Android only allows a different tone for each email accounts I've synced to the phone, but I miss being able to hear *WHO* is emailing me.

- Parental Controls
Lots of kids are getting tablets these days. Since these are mainly cloud-driven, there are things that parents don't want them to see/hear/buy/do when accessing the cloud. Allow Google Play to be locked down, as well as a kid-friendly content feature on YouTube, etc. I wouldn't mind my kids watching Sponge Bob on YouTube, but there are certainly "other things" they shouldn't be able to stumble upon.

- Make devices function more similarly:
My old Motorola Atrix volume controls work differently than my Samsung Galaxy Note. On my Atrix, I could lower the volume, and EVERYTHING was lowered. On my Galaxy Note, when I lower the volume, only the RINGER volume is lowered; all the notification volumes remain at their preset levels. I prefer the Atrix style, where volume controls are global, without having to dig into a menu for email/text/notification volume settings.

There are differences between devices on how they will search a gallery. I would like options to search for an image based on part of the file name. My Atrix did not allow this, but instead searched only on tagged keywords. Allow me to select what I'm searching for, and where to look for it (filename/tag/keyword). I could find images super-fast on my BlackBerry, but struggle with the different variations of Android.

- I still miss having Flash. I know it's going away, but at least allow us to install it with a "crash at your own risk" disclaimer.

- I'd love for Google to buy (what's left of) BlackBerry.

- develop the miro-filament capacitance technology to create higher capacity batteries. We could easily run for a week straight with the size of our existing batteries, even with sloppy apps chewing up power.

- I would like Google to contact me about my revolutionary idea, which will become the most used app of all time. (this is not a joke)

- Last but not least. I would like to be one of the 31 winners of a Nexus 4.

I'd like to see some TouchWiz features like the pop-up video or MultiWindow included in Stock Android.

market58 says:

Google play make my day..yay and improve battery life on my GS3

Blaize19 says:

I would like to see more webOS UI touches integrated into KLP.

greenmonster says:

Happy New Years! Patiently waiting for the unified gtalk, google+ messenger, SMS and google voice messaging app.

vic6string says:

OK, so this isn't so much an android issue as it is an Amazon issue, but I would love to watch my Amazon Prime videos on my nexus 7.

bagarwa says:

Hoping for these features in Future Android -

Actual toggles in quick settings screen - not links to settings page.
T9 in dialer - i.e. typing digits of phone number or spelling a name will pull up matching contacts.
Group messaging
Msg/Messenger/Talk - All rolled into one.

Gramps50 says:

I am patiently waiting for the upgrade to my GS3 so that I have all the new features that it is going to offer. Being able to run 2 app at once in 2 windows will be a welcome addition. I also hear that it is also getting the photo gallery from the Note II. There are many other things that are in the upgrade but those are the 2 that I am looking forward to the most.

patrickmaher says:

Achievements and save syncing between devices for games.

Jon Honess says:

I'm really hoping google merges all the various messaging apps (messages, gtalk, g+messenger and gvoice) into one. It would be great to have all my messages in one central location!

asussex says:

I'd like to be able to gain root (via an officially supported mechanism) without having to wipe my device.

fdesa12 says:

Well, with the new lock screen notification/widgets that came out in 4.2.1, I'd like to be able to choose my own widgets like Facebook to be displayed on the lock screen.

betsuni says:

Wish that Google would add in the reboot feature into the power menu.

DWilsonCA says:

I'm new to the Android platform itself, but one thing I'm seeing that I'd really like is better battery management. However, the idea of 64-bit Android makes me a little giddy as well.

mao mao says:

I just want 2gb of ram!

Dsteele1911 says:

I would like to see a faster processor for the upcoming devices.

jwhiting7 says:

Faster update for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus

randchai says:

Decouple the core OS from the skins and UIs, so that Android OS updates can go out much faster to everyone independent of manufacturer/telcos. Huzzah !

All I really want is for Chrome browser on Jelly Bean tablet to be as badass as the one on JB phones

umbrae says:

Just hoping my Nexus One will hold up until I can get a Nexus 4 or a Note 2. Can't have any hope for features in Android if I can't use them. ;)

Dragonman585 says:

I would like to see stock android get a way to view background processes just like in the Galaxy S3.

Xopher says:

I would love to see better NFC and Wifi-Direct sharing capabilities between devices. Some of it already works, and Samsung has their Group Cast for sharing, but it is pretty much still limited to Samsung devices and smaller files, or manually setting up and sharing things over wifi-direct. Hopefully there will be better compatibility between devices soon.

DamnSkippy says:

something like game center so we can challenge friends etc as well as a way for game progress to be synced between devices.

WOP_Drive says:

I'd like Google Maps to display weather radar and then notify me of incoming rain/snow/etc. while in Nav mode.

miknxn says:

A native widget for the data manager and battery for Android. One for the flash wouldn't hurt either. Just simple widgets like the power manager but for the data showing currently used and limit set by user and for the battery, a jellybean with a simple percentage on it with color options.

taid_87 says:

Multi View on my Samsung Galaxy S3!!

Sylo says:

Wireless, hello charging orb, where ya at?!

SirBlack says:

Android, and Google Play, what could be better?

Ed Bak says:

If they want us to move to cloud storage, then I would like to see apps that can be installed and loaded from "the cloud". Cool if we only needed to worry about RAM

dewey32399 says:

Window pane of apps is my choice

mandroider says:

Tactile feedback technology.

nathaniz says:

In 2013, I would like to see improved voice recognition functionality. Also would like the ability to merge Google accounts - I have too many! Apps on one, pages somewhere else, business here, personal there, ad nauseum.

Most importantly, I'd like to see Google require - as mandatory for Android software licensing - that providers/hardware manufacturers update software timely and in (reasonable) sync with Android releases for a specified, disclosed-to-consumer period of time from original hardware launch/release. Been burned twice in three years. Burn me once, shame on...shame on you. Burn me -- you can't get burned agin.

zipzip03 says:

Jelly bean on my sgs2 from Sprint
And a flexi screen perhaps

boofont says:

Bigger batteries and more storage

melaski7399 says:

The ability to pick custom notification led colors without downloading another app to do it.

beanman80 says:

Looking for my ICS update for my g2x first. Second would like to see all the cool new features coming out in the new LG phones. And multiple windows option. Cant wait. Thanks AC

psipher says:

A unified Google Voice/Talk/Messenger app.

ApocX99 says:

Looking forward to the next Android update.

captainkirkw says:

Just hoping the OS continues to mature so more people will want to move over to it.

blak8830 says:

Easy backups and restores of non-rooted phones

figue says:

A new N4!

biga187 says:

I have an HTC Evo 4G LTE with the Jelly Bean update that messed up my proximity sensor. I would like that feature restored in 2013 if not sooner.

Micro SDHC cards on Nexus phones.

UTSkiBum says:

I'm just looking for the flux capacitor app to speed up my old Samsung Vibrant :)

spiff72 says:

I would like to see better battery life in general, but my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (VZW) does pretty well!

I'm hoping for more affordable pricing.

S0m30n3 says:

More battery life would be great.

davidk365 says:

Either a bigger battery, or a better battery life.

dakid2k6 says:

Would love that all android devices no matter carrier are updated at the same time.

foldor says:

3 years of support for my GSM Galaxy Nexus. The other Nexus phones haven't fared so well...

GlennTX says:

Updates more often :)

ShoVah says:

Native sms with smother better group texting



deltatko says:

A foldable note3 that you use thoughts instead of touch input.

hwitaekim says:

the features i like is the motion thats included in galaxy s3. makes life so much easier!

Mobius says:

The option to un install bloatware or prevent it from ever running in app settings w/o hacking the is or running third party apps would be awesome!

mcm180 says:

I would really like to see radical NFC exploitation throughout the entire Android ecosystem. In addition, just like MicroSD cards became "included items" with a purchase of shiny new Android Smartphones .. a dozen NFC chips should come with all phones too! That'd make them readily available for quick and easy use by every customer (not just us geeks who go purchase the best ones from some reseller in another hemisphere #justSayin).

javi9600 says:

Newest android feature I'm looking for is better battery life. My poor phone doesn't even last a full day.

cdonehew says:

Multi-window and to be able to delete bloatware without having to root the phone.

KJ says:

I'm hoping for some accessories for the Nexus 10

camiller says:

I'll save asking for Sprint LTE in my area for next winter since there is a chance it might make it here in 2014. :(

I would like to see any new features that make iPhone users jaws drop ;)

cullenmq says:

cant wait for bendable displays as well as less fragmentation in the android ecosystem :)

Longer battery life. Otherwise I'm happy. …

akts says:

Unified Update releases on all platforms on the same date. It is annoying that the carriers decide when and how the phones will recieve the updates .

ZigmunD says:

Not a Android related feature... but better battery technology would be great for all of us.

Vegas863 says:

Would love to see mutli-view available for the new builds of Android!

More integration interms of remotely access with home appliances,such as
Remotely turn and do setting with air conditioner, automatic gate opener, home bell, tv, lightning, rice cooker, bath tube, and more.

Happu holiday, if this feature is available it will be a great holiday present for me. :)

t-marco says:

I Hope that Android OS will release a native video call app. so, every android will have it and connect to each other like message and video calls

ShokuBox says:

Keyboard and Tasker perfect for my android device

azarco says:

voice activated unlock feature !!!

8balls1970 says:

For 2013 I would love to see more storage options for the next Nexus phone & tablet. Up to 64GB would be fine for me.

PamelaBB says:

that jellybean will be compatible with all my apps!

mzjackie says:

In 2013, I would like to see Google have the gmail app integrate with Google Calendar - have the ability to create an event or task right from an email that I am reading. This collaboration would cause gmail and Google Calendar to be more productive apps.

30014 says:

Less buggy updates from Google. Now pick me please, I've never win any kind of contest before.

mled203 says:

App data backup like that actually works similar to iPhone.

gaijin82 says:

Google wallet to work on my SGS3

armstrong47 says:

Improved system battery management

mikedez says:


thmst30 says:

A serious serious approach to UI consistency. PLEASE!

KennedyCBK says:

I'm thinking MC player pro would go great on my Samsung tablet and my Xperia S. Would love to win a gift card!

Well to start off 2013, Im hoping for the wireless charging orb for the nexus 4 and how about the bumpers in stock.

Multiscreen for at&t sgs3

wildkarrde21 says:

I would like Google to unify all the messaging services on Android (Talk, Voice, Gmail).

joshua.worth says:

1080p Screens on my next Nexus phone and Tablet.

kstarkey says:

Would like to see more battery life!

jmoney13 says:

improved photosphere and more places to upload/share them

Looking for Jellybean for my Transformer TF101. A Google Play gift card would be awesome too!

Ameri-CAIN says:

I'd like to see "Volume Rocker Pattern unlock". I don't know of an Android phone or tab without a volume rocker.

Up, Down, Up, Down Up, Up, Up, Down then swipe to unlock.

You can't see smudges on a volume rocker, and you could do it without having to look at the device. You could even unlock it on the way out of your pocket.

Even if I don't win, can you please use your Google connections and forward this request up the chain.


I'd love to see a standardized design more like the iphone, so that some better accessories are finally available for my phone!

NFC and wallet integration across supported devices so we cam pay with our phones

Project roadrunner to improve battery life would be amazing!

obi5683 says:

Better camera software on Nexus devices. The hardware is present, but the pictures are not as good as they could be.

mikecref says:

I want a card. Pick me please. I'd like to see Jelly Bean 4.2 or Key Lime Pie on the Galaxy S3, Google Wallet.

App data synchronization and cloud backup.

richar524 says:

4.2 for nmy s3