T-Mobile adds an official HTC One car kit to the $100 trade in for online HTC One orders

While you can't officially pre-order the HTC One on T-Mobile just yet, T-Mobile has updated their sign-up page and is now offering a free HTC car kit to folks who order online. This is in addition to the $100 Visa card you get from the trade in offer from HTC. 

What we don't know yet is when to expect the HTC One at T-Mobile. Registering for more information is fine and dandy, and shifting the Visa card program around to make sure everyone can qualify is a good thing, but people want to know when they can get their hands on the HTC One on T-Mobile's new LTE network. The new $99 down payment plan won't attract anyone if you don't have what they want on the shelf.

In any case, if you're even slightly interested be sure to sign up for more information to cement your spot in the trade-in program, and consider ordering online for the free car kit. Hit the link below!

Source: T-Mobile. Thanks, Jasmine!


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Order your HTC One online with T-Mobile and get a free HTC car kit


Very inpressive of T-Mobile trying to yank subs from ATT
Im all supportive for T-Mobile but I'll wait for the Nexus 5. My Nexus 4 will keep me happy until then

Clearly T-Mobile rules this carrier game. Time for people to step away from poor updates, overrated, and overpriced carriers like Verizon and At@t.

Clearly, you're an idiot. Poor updates? Besides the few thousand geeks/nerds that follow this stuff religiously, most people don't care (let alone know) about what version of Android they have or will/won't get in an update. Overrated and overpriced? Maybe overpriced, but go 20 miles outside of most major metropolitan cities and you get 2G/EDGE on T-Mobile. It's own coverage maps prove as much.

This is so true, having my kids on Tmobile over a year now and we can compare theri coverage vs ours on VZW. But hands down I would pick Tmobile over AT&T and Sprint. Due to the prices and their coverage and speeds in the PHX area.

I just switched to T-Mobile from AT&T after 7 years . I've got a Nexus 4 on the $30 a month plan and I'm happy so far. Coverage is a bit spotty, but overall it's faster than on AT&T. I'm tempted by the One, but I probably won't give up on vanilla Android.

This deal is probably what's going to draw me away from at&t after 11 years. But it figures that T-Mobile is the last one to the party.

It looks like I can get the phone for $89 through HTC directly now, so I'm wondering does anyone know what the price of the Car Kit is when sold separately?