Restaurant reservation booking service OpenTable has just update its Android app to include images on restaurant listings from popular service Foodspotting. If you'll recall back to January, OpenTable purchased Foodspotting (which has its own app) in a natural combination of two dining-based services. Well it didn't take long to integrate the services, as now restaurant listings will show foodspotting images from other diners.

For now, if you want to participate in Foodspotting by adding your own images, you'll still need to download the Foodspotting app. We could imagine at some point in the future both apps (and services) will completely combine, but for now they're at least integrating at one point. Grab a download of the updated OpenTable app from the Play Store link above.


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OpenTable update brings Foodspotting photos to restaurant listings

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Big fan of this app!!!! I use it as often as i can especially during the weekend and on Valentines day week so i can get the perfect place and get my reservation before everyone else.