Motorola Droid update

Oh, by the way, the original Motorola Droid is getting that Android 2.2.1 update right ... about ... now. The upgrade to FRG83D brings you:

  • An updated Twitter app with new authentication support
  • Updated Amazon widget
  • New News & Weather widget
  • Fixes to Exchange Activesync (server-side timeouts of 34 minutes or more are handled better; e-mails will still sync after a policy refresh; support for Exchange 2010)
  • New gmail interface

So it's got that going for it, which is nice. More on the update in the Android Central Forums


Reader comments

OG Droid Android 2.2.1 update is pushing out now


I got the update a few days ag but ddnt install since im rooted. I thought id try and install to see if id pose root but it wouldn even let me install.

It didn't work on my rooted Droid. I'm guessing it's because I had deleted the Amazon app or something along those lines. I also just noticed it deleted my clipboard app "Clipper." WTF?? Thankfully my settings were all saved when I reinstalled it. EDIT: I just noticed it deleted ROM Manager as well.

No, not even a little.

I am running Ultimate Droid 2.3. I have the new GMail interface (got it via a Market Update). There is nothing else in the Droid update I wanted. Least of all that stupid Amazon widget.

So I got the new GMail without having to unroot.

Installed the update yesterday, biggest improvement is that my activesync is now working correctly with my company's exchange server.

Nah.... I'll just stay rooted with Liquid Frozen Yogurt v1.95, it already has 2.2.1 as well as gives you all that rooted goodness!

Waste of time, effort and energy. I don't want a new and improved Amazon widget, I want to get rid of the one I've got.

I'll stick with Ultra Droid, TYVM.

Got it Thursday morning -- at least it was waiting for me then. I haven't noticed any difference so far.

Where is this twitter app and widgets?
I pushed the OTA threw and saw no change.
I do use exchange email and so far so good on that.
Before the update i would get a message saying "need security settings update" every hour, that since has stopped.
Never rooted this phone btw.

Installed the update while flying at 40,000 feet on Delta airlines when they announced over the PA that that Google Chrome was offering FREE WFi as an Xmass present on this Delta flight. Update worked perfectly, the guy across the isle had the Droid 1, he was jellouse and loved Droid x's screen!