If you are still holding strong with your Motorola Droid, you will be pleased to know that our friend Peter Alfonso is as well, and he has not stopped on development. Recently Google pushed the Gingerbread 2.3.3 source to the AOSP, and while it took a little while, he jumped right into it, making an even better then last time port for the OG Droid users. Along with the ROM is a custom compiled 600MHz kernel which is said to eliminate the lag that was seen in the last ROM. If you have been waiting for an update, this is definitely one you will want to check out. For more information and links, be sure to head to Pete's site. [PeterAlfonso.com]


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OG Droid gets more Gingerbread love


As a non-rooted Droid Owner who is thinking about going that direction. What ROM do you folks recommend? Peter Alfonso's vs Cyanogen vs anything else?

I'm on Simply Stunning GB 5.01 by ChevyNo1 and I love it. I'd suggest doing a lot of reading first, make your backups and then try a few to see what you like.

once you root and load your first rom, and see how easy it is.. you will try others.. its a given. i had good luck with bugless beast, and Project Elite 4.2.. i really liked project elite 4.2..

but i'm really digging this gingerbread release, and will likely ride this one for quite some time.


You should definitely root and pick up the latest cyanogenmod nightly build. These are far more polished and usable at this point that Pete's BB. Make sure you root correctly and spend the couple bucks to buy setCpu. Overclock your droid to the 800mhz allowed by the stock cyanogen kernel and you'll feel like its a brand new device. Gingerbread is SOOOOO much faster than froyo on the droid, especially when overclocked. You're gonna feel like you bought a brand new phone man! Good luck and happy rooting.

@marcogiudice79 all except that physical keyboard issue where the key membrane separates from the phone and physical keys peel off after a while. I'm on #4 OG Droid because of this issue. At least warranty replacement has kept covering it!

@seabass peter alfonso100% over cyan.. but you should try out ultimate droid all well very feature packed and very very stable rom!

I've been running GPA13 with Pete's low voltage 600mhz kernel. Runs just as well as his 1000mhz...but battery life is phenomenal. 17 hours off the charger with 40% of my battery remaining on a year old battery!