Xperia Play on O2

British network O2 has posted another update on its efforts to get the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play released to its customers. Software bugs resulted in the O2-branded Xperia Play missing its launch date of April 1, and now it looks like the first PlayStation-certified smartphone won't be making an appearance on O2 until next month.

Writing on the carrier's official blog, O2's Head of Testing, Stuart Hibberd said that all of the bugs identified back in late March are now either fixed, or in the process of being fixed. When launch day eventually rolls around, O2 will offer the standard black Xperia Play, along with an exclusive white version.

Source: O2 Blog

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Nirvana328 says:

It's nice to hear that O2 is keeping their customers informed. Kudos!

ray2k6 says:

This is exactly why Sony can't compete in cellphone market. Like the X10, Sony always release product 6 month after it's been announced.