HTC TabletIt's looking more and more likely that we'll see HTC unveil a tablet in a couple weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Might this be it?

At the top of a sea of posts at Norwegian site is one titled "Full specs of HTC Flyer revealed," with the blown up, blurry render you see at right. The "full specs," if true, are pretty unimaginative:

  • 7-inch screen at 1024x600
  • A Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon processor
  • HDMI and DLNA for media streaming
  • 5 MP rear camera with flash, 1.3MP front camera.
  • GSM radios with 14.4 HSUPA/5.76HSDPA.

And so on and so forth. Basically a big current phone, only without phone capability. That's in direct contradiction with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which can make calls outside the United States.

The render might well ending up looking something like what HTC releases -- it's generic enough to be just about anything. But we have to believe that the specs have improved since whenever this supposed leak occurred -- and it's important to note that the "our source got a hold of the documents a while back." So maybe this is what's coming, or maybe it's early specs of some tablet that was never put into production.

Anyhoo, we'll find out for ourselves when we trek to Spain next month. [] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Norwegian site leaks HTC Flyer tablet info?


I really hope this isn't the case since I already have an EVO and there is no point in getting this if its going to be the same as my EVO.

ALSO it would be VERY disappointing if HTC came out with this the same time the XOOM and the Topaz come out

I guess their taking the same approach as Apple did with the iPad. Make a big, iPod touch. People bought that. That won't work with this. I too have an EVO. While the sales girl was setting it up for me at Best Buy, I looked at Galaxy Tablets and wasn't impressed. They weren't much bigger than my EVO. Make a phone with a 7 inch screen, more memory, dual core, and HDMI that mirrors, that will impress me but this is about as impressive as the HTC Thunderbolt. YAWN.

A 7" screen is bad enough - I'm already disappointed before I even read that it was a single-core CPU!

I mean damn, they could have AT LEAST made it a real tablet instead of an oversized phone that can't make calls (it's like a huge iphone!)

There is no way their entry into tablets is gonna be with those piece of shit specs. I have faith! !

Wow. I was hoping for a bigger screen. Saw the Galaxy Tab and didnt care for that screen size. For that kind of cash i want a bigger tablet.

The battery life on the EVO, we agree on. I got an extended battery to take care of that, but what accessories can't you find? Cases? Plenty of cases and belt clips. There are smart phones out there you can't even get extended batteries or Ruggedized cases for. You can for the EVO. Maybe it was that way when it was release? Dunno.

This has to be said, I wonder if the battery will suck!! :)

Seriously, HTC lost points with me with the EVO battery life and lack of accessories for the EVO.

@cowboys2000 Hmmm what accessories does it not have? Plenty of them actually from HTC and many other makers. Battery life on Evo is pretty par with just about every other high end smartphone once calibrated and set up.

I've had an iPad and in all honesty I would much prefer a 7" screen as opposed to the 9.7" of the iPad. I'm all or HTC making a 7" tablet to be a companion to my EVO, something with better battery life and WiFi.

I didn't know so many people don't like the 7inch screens. I have the Galaxy and I love it. It's the perfect size. Like holding a small notepad and easy to carry. I personally think the iPad is too big and awkward.

So just like HTC's Thunderbolt is just a rehash of last year's EVO, having a weaker battery, lower resolution screen, and slower processor than the Motorola Bionic.....this HTC Flyer is a rehash of the Galaxy Tab from last year, and will again have weaker specs than the Motorola Xoom. There's a pattern here from HTC.

Comparing Thunderbolt to EVO, understandable.

Comparing Thunderbolt to Bionic, not understandable.

Comparing this tablet to Galaxy Tab, understandable, only given these specs are real, which is definitely not for sure.

The point is clear. And that's that HTC is coming out with specs either the same or marginally better than last year's models/competitor's, and specs worse than this year's, with the case of the Xoom and the Bionic.

I thought 7" tablets were the way to go but I recently realized that 9.7+ is better. I need a tablet that I can touch type on.

Yes it is. It's a toy for the idol rich, designed to consume content and play games. Not do any real work. People with more money than sense buy such hobbled devices. People with weak computer skills and more money than sense buy these devices. If Android is going to compete in the tablet space, the vendors will need to rethink their strategy and up the specs above Apple while lowering the price below them. Idiots will continue to buy the hobbled toys that Apple makes. Everyone else with sense, will buy Android tablets, IF they are spec'd and priced right.

I gotta a feeling WE are not the market on this one. This is going to be aimed at consumers who want a cheap alternative to the iPad and tab. They could sell this for $300 wifi only, or even less.

A cheap alternative for iPad (isn't that what a rooted Nook color for) , could be in the US
In Saudi Arabia HTC & cheap doesn't come together . HTC phones (& accessorize) are the most expensive here , almost more than the iPhone 4
HD7 costs more than a 32GB 3G iPad or iphone 4

Why are people hating on 7" screens anyway? It's the perfect form factor for reading (see Nook and Kindle) books, it's lighter than a 9-10" tablet, and it's portable enough to carry by itself.

The iPad and the LFF devices are not anywhere near as portable or light, and it will be a strain on your hands to hold it after a while.

Nothing in that story to make me regret swapping my Desire HD for a Galaxy Tab. Was disappointed in the DHD's battery, speaker. Probably going to be some higher spec 7" tablets announced at MWC, but i don't think the Flyer is something i'd be interested in.

Also, just curious, why do the US site's continue to claim that the Galaxy Tab can't make phone calls in the US. I thought there was a fairly well documented fix for that?

watch it have only 1GB internal rom. 600MB used by system files. lol

I love HTC, but wtf is up with skimping on internal ROM?

wow this seems shitty one...
The 10" is what I'm waiting for as well...Not in the rush I'm patient my personal minimum specs is Dual core 1+ghz, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage(for apps install only everything else will be cloud anyways), Micro SD(just in case for some media), Very good touch screen(personally i havent seen the difference on the high end phone screen out right now anything like the EVO is enough for me) dlna, wifi only, no Buttons(i love the form factor of XOOM), Price tag lower then $420, Honeycomb ... BTW something like the 220 adreno would be nice but not a must have for me 205 will do to keep it in low price