It was just a few days ago that we first caught a glimpse of the Nokia N9 running Ice Cream Sandwich. Now that glimpse has progressed into the first video footage from developer Alexey Roslyakov and it's looking pretty impressive so far. 

As expected progress is slow, but steady. Key areas not functioning at the moment are network connectivity and the battery indicator. At the moment the phone shows that it needs charging even when plugged in. OpenGL support is also causing headaches, but the guys working on this definitely get an 'A' for effort. 

An early alpha build of this is in the works, and we're already starting to feel a degree of envy. While not in many hands, the N9 is an incredible looking device. Perhaps we'll see a few more around should this project really take off. 

via Slashgear


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Nokia N9 caught on video running Ice Cream Sandwich


Thats just about the sexiest thing Ive ever seen. Nokia screwed themselves by not joining the Android OEM family. So sad they def make the best phones, choice OS CEO's and OS's not so much.

Disagreed. Running as an also-ran won't help give them the spotlight they have now. Also, they would not be getting the quarterly cash infusions that MS is giving them now.

WP7 visually looks more consistent with the boxiness of the N9/Lumia800 anyway.

Hey, WTH are you doing? If you're gonna be putting Android on Nokia devices, do it on the Lumia, for Christ's sake, not on N9!