Nexus 10 Book Cover

$30 is cheap insurance against a scratched screen, so let's have a look at the official Nexus 10 Book Cover

We saw Google finally release the official Nexus 10 Book Cover last week, and we had to get ourselves one to see if it was worth the wait. The tablet itself has been around for quite a while, and Google took their sweet time before releasing any official accessories. The FedEx man just dropped our off, so let's have a look at it.

The Book Cover is very much like the Samsung Flip Covers for the Note series and Galaxy S3. It attaches to the back of the tablet via the removable panel insert, and provides protection over the screen. It's just like a book, hence the name Book Cover. While attaching and removing the cover is a bit jarring -- you get the impressions everything is about to fly into a million pieces -- once it's in place it's solid, and really does protect the screen while leaving things like the cameras (both front and rear) and speakers unobstructed. The cover comes in both dark gray and scarlet. We're reviewing the dark gray one.

It's made of a stiff material, covered on the outside with hard, textured vinyl and inside, against the screen, is a soft felt. It seems built pretty well, and should provide protection for the screen on your Nexus 10 for the life of the product. $30 is cheap compared to the cost of a replacement screen, and the Nexus 10 Book Cover will help keep yours looking good and scratch-free.

There's a short video and a gallery of some images after the break.

Nexus 10 Book Cover on Google Play


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Nexus 10 Book Cover review


There was a spider dancing in the bottom left corner of the screen. I ran away and didn't hear the rest.

They took too long releasing this. In the meantime, I've bought the Poetic Slimline case for a third of the price (Amazon), which also protects the body of the tablet itself, and provides a couple of stand angles. Couldn't be happier with it!

I too have the Poetic Slimline case but I also bought a Nexus 10 cover and regret my $30 purchase (+ shipping). The front cover of the Poetic is just as thin as the Nexus 10 cover. However like you said, the Poetic cover also folds into a stand, and it protects the entire body of the device. I bought it for around $12 including shipping. That's over 50% cheaper then the Nexus 10 cover, for superior protection. Google/Samsung screwed up on this one.

However in Google's/Samsung's defense.. I love how the cover feels compared to the Poetic.. they just need a full body case or at least have the cover act as a stand to have a superior product worth the extra money.

I have the Poetic Slimline case as well and really liked the overall protection. The issue I ran into is that the first time I tried to pull the case off, one of the corner joints broke, rendering the case unusable. I have contacted Poetic, but have not heard back as of yet. I guess you get what you pay for :)

Update: Poetic was very responsive! They say they have seen this a few times in the earlier releases of the case but all the newer runs have this corrected. Have to say this is a very nice case, light weight and thin!

Jerry didn't show it, but the cover does act as a stand. It's not as versatile a stand as some other multi-fold covers, but it does allow you to stand the device up for viewing.

The fact it cant be used as a typing stand is ridiculous. Much better third party options. Shame, after such a wait that they dropped the ball so badly.

Now where's the dock?

Is there one of these for the Nexus 7, official or not? I do a search for covers, and all I find are cases :(