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Sony today announced that Android and iOS will see new versions of the PlayStation App ahead of the next-generation console's release next month.

Android's version drops into Google Play for North America on Nov. 13 — two days before the console is generally available. Europe gets its app on Nov. 22, a full week ahead of console availability. 

In addition to being able to use your Android device as a basic remote control, you'll also be able to:

  • Use your Android device as a second screen. 
  • Purchase content for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.
  • Watch your friends play.
  • Get other content straight from the PlayStation website.

Just a few weeks to go, folks.

Source: Sony


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New PS4 Android app drops Nov. 13, Sony says


Pretty sure the Xbox Smartglass app has all of these features and I don't wager they'd need to change much for the Xbox One.

Cool to see consoles pushing out mobile apps, perhaps we can expect some more cross platform multiplayer?

Cant say I'm either I normally have both but prefer the xbox for the controller but sony is slowly getting my attention from consoles to phones.

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Finally Sony gets it right. Now we need this app to perform flawlessly when released on the 13th

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Pretty vague info... Are they just making an app to follow xbox smartglass steps... MS showed a great demo of the new smartglass for Xbox one.. Sony showed a crappy interface for phones in their demo.

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I'll check this out. But it won't be for awhile. LOL I got too much quality bonding time to do with my ps4

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Cool thing SONY is releasing this BEFORE the launch, meaning people will have plenty of time to download it in advance of the release of the PS4. I was concerned that this might create a traffic Jam [like a suspect the day 1 patch of the PS4 ] of people trying to download it.

Will try just for friends feature but will mainly use the Xbox one smart glass.

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