Gmail makes it easier to find online friends to have a Hangouts

Gmail is making it easier to create or join a Hangouts with friends by grouping those who are online currently together so you know who to initiate a conversation with if you need an instant response. The change, effective today, will now show a separate tab when you log into Gmail on the browser to show those who are online so you can instantly gab, chat, or start a video conversation. Additionally, you can pin favorites as well, making them easier to access.

"In this new tab, friends who are online are shown first, followed by those who aren't," Google announced in a post on Google+. "Plus, you can also now pin your favorite contacts (you know, your mom, your BFFL, or your crush) to the top of your contact list."

Hangouts makes it easier to chat by grouping those who are online presently together

At least this way, when you don't instantly reply to friends' chat messages on Hangouts, they'll know you're just not online rather than giving them the cold shoulder.

If you send a message to a person who is not presently online, the message will still be delivered and the person can view the message the next time they log into Hangouts from any terminal, including on phones and tablets.

Does this make Hangouts easier to use to know who's online currently? Let us know what you think of the change.

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New presence feature in Hangouts makes it clear to Gmail friends that you're not giving them the cold shoulder


I do not care about HANGOUTS I care about Gmail and use it as my main email communication work tool

give me settings on gmail for Quiet Hours and give me the option to use "conversation mode" or not

that's cool, but this isn't about you.

a lot of people do care about and use hangouts to communicate both in and out of work.

It would be nice if it actually showed the correct status of anyone of my friends in GMail. Half the time there is no green dot next to their picture in GMail, but open the Hangouts app on my phone and it shows them correctly. It would also be nice if you could set it up to only show the people you want to see all the time and not everyone you are circled with on Google+.

The GMail Hangouts is a total mess right now compared to when it was Google Talk.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I couldn't agree more. Why can't they at least offer the option of a popup?

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Silly. Just text message someone. What is it with over emotional people and them getting mad when you don't call them or immediately text then back? Cry baby's

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How does it know if you're logged in or not? If I'm on my phone, I don't ever "log out", but I don't always have the app open in the foreground, so would it still show me as "online" even if my phone's in my pocket? Because I can still technically respond quickly.