HTC Droid Eris 2.1 Eclair leak

Caddyman over at androidforums  has posted up a new Android 2.1 leak for the Droid Eris.  There's a huge list of bugfixes, and from the looks of it the odd connectivity issues Eris users were seeing with the previous leaks should have been addressed, as well as the pesky bugs with the latest Google Voice app.  For those of you running one of the previous leaks, this is something you'll want to look at for sure!

Warning - This is leaked beta testing software, and wasn't meant for general use.  Flashing it will wipe your phone, and take away root if you have it.  As always, use your best judgment and flash at your own risk!

Links, changelog, and further instructions can be found HEREThanks, kbaker!


Reader comments

New Eclair leaked for HTC Droid Eris


I have upgraded to this leak (no root) and it definitely seems to be a performance booster. All-around snappier, new Android mkt, Google Nav, etc. Got tired of waiting for the OTA, but I understand why VZW needs it to be as clean an upgrade as possible. This one seems pretty polished.

I too got tired of waiting and installed. So far so good, everything is smoother and snappier. Lots of nice little refinements.

Out of all the 3 leaks this is the best one yet its very responsive but the friend stream widget is still missing

Rumor has it that Verizon usually does 3 test versions, and this is version 3 of the leak, so if the rumor is accurate, this should be the one for OTA which hopefully means OTA will be coming soon

I hope you're right. I am done waiting and don't want to put something on my phone unless I hear officially that we are not going to get the update. Keep us posted if you hear anything else about an OTA.

Come on with the 2.1 Update already....Im sick & tired of waiting. Damn, this is the most dramatic event at HTC & Verizon.

this one works great! :)
a lot snappier and more responsive than before.
love the sense ui. tried stock ui, and other home replacements. but none come close to the new sense ui. battery life has improved.