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One thing that apparently already is working its way out in the open (unlike the mythical Nexus One Froyo update that's only reaching a blessed few) is the new crash report tool for Android applications. We got a look at this during the keynote on Thursday at Google IO, and it's a nice little feature. If an app crashes on you, tap the "Report" button. Then you can send your system data directly to the developer, so they can figure out what happened. You also can leave "Feedback." Try to keep that constructive, huh?

Developers then get the bug reports and can act on them. Below is what we see. Pretty cool, huh? I've got the report feature on the Droid and Nexus One, but not the Evo 4G thus far. Thanks, @macprv!

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New Android app crash report tool already up and running


It was earlier reported that bad apps are suspected to cause poor battery life on your Android phone.....
This would be a GREAT tool to report such app.

The first I knew of the above was when I received a report from it for Photo Enhance -- great stuff, it should make for much more reliable apps. (Thankfully the report was for a problem I've already fixed -- it seems some people don't update their apps very often.)


Does anyone know what type of information goes in the crash report? any information i wouldnt want going to some dev i dont know? Will any personal information of phone numbers or whatever?

The image above clearly shows a preview button, i would assume this allows you to see the information going out in the report. But furthermore i can see no need for any developer to need information beyond what caused the crash (ie personal data).

I can verify this feature is on the moto DROID. The implementation gives three buttons, adding "Report" next to "force close" and "wait". The report includes the technical information of the crash, your apps running at the time of the crash and a list of all installed packages.