We love the FCC—they always inadvertently leak information about upcoming tech products and we always reap the benefits. The Motorola Morrison, Motorola’s first Android Phone, just passed through the FCC with specs detailing T-Mobile 3G bands and UMA support. And judging by the fact that T-Mobile runs their own 3G band in the States and is the only carrier to offer UMA support, hmm, we think that the Morrison will be available on T-Mobile.

Hopefully with the Motorola Morrison hitting the FCC now, it means that it’ll release sooner than later. Not that we’re especially excited for the Morrison, but it may mean that the Motorola Ironman or Calgary is coming soon too!



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Motorola Morrison Hits FCC, Has T-Mobile 3G and UMA


And for the win: "...you will be able to use a BT headset while in a WiFi VoIP call..."!!!

Moto - have I told you you're my HERO???!!!

Yes, FCC is really done great job to inform us for any of upcoming technologies, devices and products in marketing. It helps and saves a lot time and expense. Motorola Morrison is really an great device.

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