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Monday Brief: A Nokia Windws tablet, iMore's new iPad coverage


After waiting for years for Nokia to release a proper Maemo tablet, I will live to see the day they will have one with none other than the vastly popular Windws operating system. Oh, well...

I hope it's hackable.

Misogyny, it's what's for dinner. There's no more pathetic beast than an anonymous nerd who can't get laid. They take it out on any women they see. Of course, that's only on the Web. In real life they're probably mute around the fairer sex.

A freaking turtleneck? We're not watching the show for the news, that's what the articles in the sites are for. I watch on mute with Sade playing in the background. Probably 99.5% of the guys watching do the same. Not this week....

Great Scott! Poor woman can't even go turtle neck without attacks! At least it's a clingy turtle neck...

Next week, you should dress like a man, full on beard, no make up, fake pot-belly and a geek Trek t-shirt like 99.5% of the readers are sporting: that'll shut them up! On second thought, you might still look hot.

I'm so confused by all of the fuss over Ashley's wardrobe. Do you also get excited by old Sears catalogs?

Newsflash: you are currently on the Internet, and there is actual pornography on the Internet. With very little expenditure of effort, creative thinking, or money, you can locate high resolution images and HD video of attractive women (and men) in any level of dress or undress, or wearing any outfit that you might personally fetishize. What's more, you can find them participating in practically any activity, sexual or otherwise.

And yes, that includes naked women reading headline news stories. In other words, if you are looking to be titillated, you could be doing a much better job of it.

Why is it that iMore editors are the only ones that can't control their impulse to use exclamation points after every headline?

Ash I think you are great...... however...

I'm always amazed at how prudish some of the internet can be.

You blocked me from your twitter account for being "adult"

Anyway, you need to move away from the now and the next week to the future.

And you need some good writers.