Minus is putting out an update to its Android (and iOS) app today that not only changes and improves the interface, but also changes the way the service works as a whole. The app used to be focused on picture storage to share with friends, and has now pivoted a bit to be focused on meeting and sharing with people that are nearby. The basic idea is to see other Minus users around you and then chat, share photos and browse other people's photos. Photos can still be kept private and accessed from the Minus website, but the main intention is to share them publicly now.

The interface has been redesigned and cleaned up notably, which is hard to complain about on its own, but it seems like some users aren't taking too kindly to the quick change in features from one version to another. If you're interested in trying out the new Minus, hit the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

Minus updated with new interface and featureset


I got it just for the free 10 gb, no upload limit on large files like box does. I'd use box more if I could upload larger files because i have 2 - 50 gb free under 2 accounts

I used to use Minus for all my cloud storage needs, and then one day, users were no longer allowed to upload any file type -- only certain ones. I'm done with them. They obviously have no clear direction or road map of where they're going.