Most people haven't paid a whole lot of attention to MetroPCS prior to its announcement of merger plans with T-Mobile USA, but now the earnings may be worth a look. For the third quarter of 2012, the regional carrier posted net income of $193 million (operating income $292 million) on revenues of $1.25 billion. Net income was up substantially from the year previous, while revenues were nearly flat.

Subscriber churn remained high at 3.7-percent, although it was a decrease from 4.5-percent in the same period last year. Net subscriber losses of 312,291 for the quarter brought the total subscriber count just under 9 million. Even with the net losses in customers, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) remained flat at $40.50, but on a good note CPU (Cost Per User) dropped slightly to $18.38.

This quarter was a bit of a mixed bag for MetroPCS. We'll see how things shape up as the merger comes closer to completion in 2013.

Source: MetroPCS Investor Relations


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MetroPCS reports Q3 2012 earnings, $193 million in net income


Running My Unlocked Note *1* on T-Mo's $30.00 a Month Unlimited HSPA+/Txt w 100 Mins Plan and Loving It.. The Merge should make 4G LTE a Reality in 2013.. I could not be happier.. Leaving AT&Rip-Off was the BEST thing I could have ever done for my Cell Service Needs...

This will be a great addition to Tmobile. Being able to combine both will make things great for a lot of people. Many have slept on Tmobile but they are making MAJOR MOVES lately. Unlimited data, Nexus 4, Galaxy Note 2, Lte advance 10 network in 2013. Tmobile is the network to be on..

Richard you're right.

Tmobile has been making player moves like chess and with the merger of MetroPCS it's get even better esp. with the addition of the GS III ,GNote II and the upcoming Nexus4 is one of the reasons I left Sprint.It feels great !