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 HTC ThunderBolt LTE off

Many of us have been frustrated, to say the least, that there's no toggle switch to turn off the LTE radio in the HTC ThunderBolt like there is in, say, the Sprint EVO 4G or Epic 4G. You could open up the battery cover and pull the 4G SIM card, but that's ... what's the word ... work.

No matter. User cdunn05 over at the ThunderBolt Forums worked up the instructions to manually turn the LTE radio off while still leaving the 3G radio on using the following steps. It looks scarier than it is, and the best part is that it survives a reset. We've got full instructions in the ThunderBolt forums. [How to turn off ThunderBolt LTE] Thanks, cdunn05!


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How to turn off LTE on the HTC ThunderBolt [from the forums]


I dont own a Thunderbolt, but I would personally HATE to have to take the battery door off everytime I'm not in an LTE coverage area.

Good to see you TBolt users found a fix to that battery draining problem....

Yea, true....

But I guess at this point they have to take what they can get...

What else can you do? Cancel your Verizon contract? Oh...yea :)

If you don't live in a 4GLTE area, then you are on 3G. Your phone automatically drains less power when on 3G. There is no reason for you to turn it off then.

There's actually a pretty solid reason for it right now, but it may be fixed in the future. A few of us have noticed that the data signal will just drop randomly and stay down for a few minutes. By turning off 4G with this method, I have had a steady and consistent 3G connection for the last 24 hours.

The theory is that it is related to the 4G/3G handoff issue. If you're on the outskirts of a 4G area it tries to connect, fails, and then has trouble jumping back to 3G.

It's a bandaid fix, but I have a good connection now.

The design ideas seem to come from VZW, especially the 4G toggle switch one especially seeing that the EVO doesn't have these issues and is essentiallly the same device

"essentially the same device" except that the EVO has less RAM, less memory for onboard app storage, an older processor, an older version of Sense. Not to mention the whole WiMax vs. LTE downfall that Sprint has.

Didn't the EVO come with a 4G toggle at launch? Maybe Sprint had HTC include it because people have trouble getting a WiMax signal even if they live/work in a WiMax area simply because they are indoors because WiMax doesn't penetrate buildings very well because of the frequency it uses. LTE doesn't have that problem.

Dont you know that TBolt owners and hardcore Verizon fans get their panties all mixed up when you say something like "It's basically or esentially the same as an Evo"

Give them their moment to shine.....

That and EVO owners are a very insecure bunch and think that any >4" black smartphone w/o a QWERTY keyboard is essentially just their phone sold by a different carrier/manufacturer and obviously couldn't be better because it didn't come out "FIRST".

By that same logic, wouldn't an EVO just be a rip-off of the HD2?

It is not the same device. I own an EVO, yet I will agree there are substantial differences in that and the Thunderbolt. Yet, they are the same manufacturer. Can't see HTC denying a toggle. This had to be a hardware issue with the LTE radio, or a carrier decision. Not having a toggle would be a pain in the butt.

I see VZW's dirty finger finger prints all over these design flaws. They like to micro manage.

Not only does the kick stand hinder the USB port in landscape. The microphone is covered when you set the phone up in "portrait mode" for video talking.

Now why would I want to go back to 3g? Living in a 4G area and loving the tbolt.........and battery life is much better than people make it out to be, better than my fascinated at least. :)

If you don't live in a 4GLTE area, then you are on 3G. Your phone automatically drains less power when on 3G. There is no reason for you to turn it off then.

And it (battery life) has gotten MUCH better on day 5. This morning is the first time I "bump charged" the phone. And after 4 hours and 42 minutes of normal WiFi and bluetooth use, my battery is at 80%.

Thursday I was "lucky" to get 3 hours before it got down to 20%.

No need to enter all that crazy code. There is an app in the Market called Phone Info by SC@Taiwan. Download the app and it brings you right to the screen to shut LTE off and on. Works flawlessy and conserves some of that precious battery life.

U people are never happy. Why would I want to turn off the LTE on my thunderbolt. Isn't that the whole point of having one. The battery is better than my dinc was

Since Sprint set the standard, we expect 4G to be a certain way. You can't turn off 4G on T-Mobile, aT&t, or Verizon. So Sprint is the odd one out. So people shouldn't be pissed at Verizon or whomever.

I'm having a hard time explaining, but hopefully someone gets me...

Also, what about those apps that don't recognize 4g to stream or whatever. I can't think of any, but it's happened to me on my Evo.

Well to be fair, Sprint and Verizon's 4G is different that AT&T and T-Mobile's. You should be able to turn it off, period.

I don't wanna say how bad this phone sucks up juice, but when I'm average 16-17mbps download speeds and peeking at 26, who can complain :-)

can you turn off sense ui like on the evo???? i cant find anyone talking about it??? I love the stock ui

Think about:
-How this is relatively new technology...on ANY network (although vzw's is far superior)
-When VZW switched to was far from flawless, but look how quickly it got better.
-What phones will be in only ONE YEAR....smaller, lighter, slimmer, better battery (ex: Eris -->Incredible)
-Where the SOFTWARE will be...we'll ALL be rockin HONEYCOMB (ok, we'll be LUCKY to have GINGERBREAD by then, i digress)
-How much CHOICE we have with Android (not if you use the fruitPhone). Don't like this, use that, add an app or root it and just re-do it all!
-How YOUNG and NEW Android really is and how SUCCESSFUL it has become in such a relatively SHORT amount of time. Compare that to the fruitPhone...its the SAME DAMN EXPERIENCE!!! how boring.

--->It's just so funny to read the rants of everyone. I think we loose perspective of how far this technology has come and how quickly it evolves. YES, the battery is bad, but if that's ALL we have to gripe about, we've got it pretty good.