Lyft brings James Bond-like feature to your wrist

Lyft has updated its Android app to bring Android Wear compatibility, meaning that smartwatch owners can now summon their next ride from their wrists without having to reach for their phones. With Android Wear compatibility, users can speak in their request and pickup location to their watch.

Additionally, Lyft will also present information to the Android Wear screen like when your driver will be arriving to pick you up. This creates a seamless experience so you don't even need to take your phone out to call your ride.

The feature was originally introduced on stage late last month at Google I/O when Google debuted the Android Wear platform and watches.

Are you picking up any one of the first three Android Wear watches? Is this James Bond-like summoning of your Lyft non-Bond-mobile compelling enough of a feature for you to become an adopter?

Be sure to also check out the full list of compatible Android Wear apps as well.

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jschu22 says:

While I appreciate all these articles about the possibilities that come with Android Wear, part of me is irritated be continually shown cool stuff that we can't do yet.

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tommydaniel says:

Did you miss the part where it said the app was updated to ALLOW YOU TO DO IT?!

TheNexusMan says:

He's probably commenting on the fact that the watches have not shipped to consumers yet.

Zig261 says:

Your turn Uber. Bring the Wear update now.

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DroidOn says:

As much as I want one of these watches I have decided to hold off on getting one until they have been proven to be successful in real world usage. I will also wait for the cost to come down. My biggest fear is battery life. And even if they last a full day on one charge, do I really want to have to charge yet another device every night before I go to bed? When they can be recharged via kinetic energy, then for sure I'll be on board. But until then, I am in wait-and-see mode.

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rgao007 says:


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TheNexusMan says:


NoNexus says:


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LB LB says:

Summon cars?
"Lamborghini, I summon thee ! "


seanjenkins says:

Alice Yang gets about


MarkSeven says:

Alice Yang is a freak

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