HTC One X camera sample

A number of folks who pre-ordered the AT&T HTC One X are getting their phones delivered today, and while perusing the forums I came across a thread for camera pictures. I've been playing with the camera on the One S for a few days now, and AC member Pauley (who was kind enough to share some of his shots) and I have come to the same conclusion -- the new HTC camera is amazing. It's one thing to read about it in a review, but forums threads like Pauley's really drive the point home. Take a minute, and have a look.

Photos taken with my AT&T One X


Reader comments

A lucky few getting their AT&T HTC One X today, check out that camera!


To bad it's at the Yankee stadium. It would been a lot better at the number one team in baseball stadium. That's right I'm talking about the Texas rangers. I know we can't seem to win a championship, but a are still numeral uno.

Keep dreaming on The past!!!! That was last to me about right now!! How many championships does The Yankees has in this century?. That's right! Only one.
But, last time I check The Red Sox has TWO!!! so, you have to check your facts, before talking BS!!!!

The season is only starting, we could save this conversation for September, and we'll see how your Yankees will be doing by then!. Lmao

Yeah figuring if they get home field advantage in how many playoff games, wells that better then Boston who will be figuring which Days Inn to stay in at Disney World, or which golf course to use.

Doesn't look any better than the pic from my GNex. And before the inevitable hate for the GNex camera comes, "Your Mileage May Vary!" Mine takes damn good pics.

As I stated in my thread the pics were all taken within the past week, not today (can be verified by the EXIF pic data along with the GPS coordinates). The Yankee Stadium pic was taken Monday night 4/30/12.

I'm glad you all have enjoyed seeing the pics. The One X camera really has impressed me. I'll have to upload a few more. The burst feature is definitely worth checking out, along with how you can snap photos while recording video.

Pauly: Try the HDR setting on some of your street shots where the crowd is in the dark because of the bright sky. It can make a stunning difference.

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that out. I didn't use anything other then auto mode for those pics, flash off.

The best smartphone cameras up until now have been the iphone 4s followed by the Samsung Galaxy S2 line. That's well documented i think. Why is it i can't get anyone including android central to tell me in a review how the quality of pictures with this phone compares to those??cause i really don't care how good they all keep saying it is. If it isn't better than those two then who cares about the camera?

I don't know about that. My Rezound takes fantastic pictures,even if doesn't have as many settings as the HOX has. The Xperia ARC S also takes pretty amazing shots.

I Just came from AT&T and I was thinking that this phone was big but in person it didn't seem big at all and its really a beautiful phone, screen and all. After seeing what htc did with this phone, I could easily go for a 5". I'm on Sprint so its the EVO for me.

I just love taking the panorama shots with the one x, it's amazing how it does it. You just take one shot then the phone tells you where you have to point it, once you've pointed where the phone is telling you it automatically takes another photo and so on until it takes 5 photos, then it stitches them together and the results are amazing