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LinkedIn, the business professionals choice in social networking, is set to introduce advertising into their mobile applications according to their Chief Executive.

On an earnings call this week, Jeff Weiner said that the company is ready to "start to introduce advertising in our mobile solutions." No timeframe was offered for this, but he went on to talk extensively about the mobile opportunities for the network. 

Rumours are rife around the internet that Facebook are also set to introduce advertising into their mobile applications as well. Whatever happens with both of these networks, it is sure to be met with a fair share of criticism from users.

Source: The Telegraph


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LinkedIn set to introduce advertising into mobile apps


I've uninstalled Facebook just because it is a battery whore, and I can uninstall LinkedIn too if it becomes an annoyance.

Every company deserves to make a profit. With the popularity of mobile platforms, a lot of users never actual visit the websites anymore. Advertising revenue is their business model. I have no issues with them incorporating ads into the FREE versions of smartphone/tablet apps. I just hope they don't make them too intrusive and be popups that block functionality and degrade the user experience of the app.

I dont know a single person who uses linked in. Everyone is on it and accepts "friends" but who actually goes everyday to recruit / network / whatever?

It is more professional than facebook, but i just dont get it.

Hahaha....I don't use it that much with what I do, but I know a lot of people that use it for professional networking and it works well for them.

It didn't work for Twitter, and I doubt it will work for both LinkedIn and Facebook. Of course I'm talking about the trendbar on the iPhone Twitter app from last year, that is.

I uninstalled Linkedin from my phone about 8 months ago becuase an update to it added a ton of unnecessary permission requirements that made me really question it.

I still have an account that I barely use, but I only access it from the desktop.

Linkedin serves exactly one purpose. It's an easy way to make sure that you can maintain your contact list when moving from one job to another. That's it. There's no other value to it.

That's a bit short sighted and not altogether accurate. Its good for business recruiters to scout potential candidates, and a lot of professionals in my industry (health care) use it to discuss trends and network with others in the same field. The same rings true for other industries I'm sure, but its a much better tool than Facebook or Twitter for networking among business professionals.