For some business users LinkedIn is a vital resource and in an effort to bring their online experience to the mobile environment, LinkedIn has gone ahead and revamped their mobile application. The new update, aside from getting a visibly better UI also has some great new features baked into it.

  • Updates: View updates from your network and top news from LinkedIn Today
  • Inbox: You can view your invitations and messages in one place
  • You: Access your profile, connections, share updates, and even more in the future
  • Groups & More: Browse and interact with your groups, as well as build your network through our People You May Know feature

While the previous version worked just fine, the new layout here and added features make the whole application overall just all that more functional -- if you're a LinkedIn user, make sure you grab the update.

Source: LinkedIn


Reader comments

LinkedIn revamps their Android app - Faster, Simpler, and Better


I use LinkedIn and found the previous app a pain to use. It was so slow and didn't really do anything other than the ability to send messages and show updates. I have been playing with this new version a bit today and it's miles ahead of the old version. I also like the fact that they finally added a contact sync feature that was missing in previous versions.

Anyone know why the app asks for permission to read and write contacts? Is it only to sync them to your phone, or are they pulling a facebook? Also, can any sort of sync be turned off?

When I get an email from linkedin telling me that someone wants to be one of my contacts, there is a hyperlink. When I hit the hyperlink, I'm asked if I want to install the linked in app. I already have the app installed. What gives?