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Today we got a badass update to Gmail, giving users the much awaited feature of being able to reply, delete and archive right from the status bar notifications. Many ran out to the streets to rejoice. Others, particularly those with the LED control app Light Flow installed, were stuck inside trying to figure out why their notification bars were being bombarded with error messages.

Andrew Moore of Rage Consulting has told us that some Google insiders were nice enough to give him a heads up of this issue weeks in advance, which is why he was able to respond so quickly with an update. Light Flow v3.6.0 is now live in the Play Store, and has been confirmed to play nice with the new version of Gmail that was released earlier today.

While this update has fixed the problem for us, there are many different phones and software configurations out there. If anyone is still having problems after this update, or if you want to check in with a phone that is working, let us know in the forums.


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Light Flow updated with Gmail crash fix


It also added support for the pebble. It will send all notification including non supported notifications from pebble.

Definitely fixed my N4, not available for my N10 yet.

Great Dev......

EDIT: N10 now updated and works smoothly again.

Wow, 10,000 emails in 5 hours about the issue. Not quite the evening I was expecting, just glad those kind beta testers at Google had previously reported the crashes as it was a tricky one to fix.

I'm glad one of my most important/favorite apps has such an awesome and active dev! Thanks Andrew. Light Flow is the best.

If Samsung were smart, they'd incorporate it into Touchwiz much like they have apparently done with Swiftkey!

Great, fast update. However, I can't open the Google Now notification to configure it. Anyone else having this problem?

I'm having the same problem. Everything else seems to work ok, but I can't open the Google Now block to change the settings.

Have been emailing with the developer and he says they're aware of this for several customers and are working on it. No doubt it will be fixed soon, they're pretty fast/efficient with the replies and updates.

Everything ypu say with the quick fix is ok. BUT has anyone noticed the policy change? Read delete modify sms mms email,gps position, full SU access to the entire device? A little explanation would not hurt.

Most of those permissions were already required:

The 4 new ones for 3.6.0 were:
Gmail content provider access - to be able to view the gmail labels
GPS - to be able to identify if GPS is switched on
Wifi - to be able to determine if wifi is on
Superuser access

Note there's no access to delete sms as stated

I've removed superuser access for 3.6.1
It's a totally redundant permission for the time being, but may need to be added back in the future. See here:

Root will only be used if the "run as root" option is checked in the app as is needed for some phones (I'm thinking HTC here)

See the full list and why they are needed here

Remeber that the app has no access to the internet to do anything with that data. There are things I'd add to the app around internet access but I'm aware of the permissions required by it so have always stayed clear of this.

I actually Had no problems before this update. Now the app keeps giving me trouble. The report says it crashed, i allready emailed the reports. Anyone else having this problem?

3.6.1 should have fixed pretty much all the crashing. The latter crash was coming from the rushed release to try and fix gmail as was unrelated to it.

I have a galaxy nexus 2, Lite flow used to work perfectly for me before, but i'm still constantly getting the error message, as it constantly crashes when i receive messages? any help would be appreciated...