T-Mobile 'G4X' also rumored ahead of Mobile World Congress

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LG's next big thing, the "X3", will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next week as the LG Optimus 4X HD, according to reports from PocketNow. If true, the branding would give weight to what's already been rumored -- that LG's next flagship phone will sport a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and a 720p dispay. Based on recently leaked-benchmarks, LG's looks set to deliver a beast of a phone, with early scores dwarfing current high-end handsets (and we'd expect no less from Tegra 3).

The site also reports references to a T-Mobile G4X, possibly based on this design. It'd makes sense that the 4X HD might become Tmo's latest G-series handset, as we've seen screenshots of near-vanilla Android running on one version of the device very recently. Whatever the phone(s) end up being called, we're sure to see them in a few days at Mobile World Congress.

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LG's quad-core X3 to debut as Optimus 4X HD, according to reports


If this thing runs vanilla Android like the rest of the 'G' family on T-Mo then this is a very attractive device. They caught my attention

About time is right. T-Mobile finally getting back in the game after (thankfully) the failed AT&T merger and Samsung Galaxy S II with its ruined screens with lines all over them somehow only on the T-Mobile version which I am still using. Can't wait to upgrade to this beast. T-Mobile one of only 2 carriers offering no contract plans with 4G data, and the best value by FAR for $30 a month. Not to mention their 4G phones don't die after 6-8 hours like everyone else's because it's not LTE AND I get 20 Mbps download speeds. Pair that with this phone and you have the best deal in Android.

Couldn't agree with you more, I'm happy to see T-Mo getting back in the game as well. I love the G-series and have owned all three (G1, G2, G2x). Looking forward to this one coming out. My guess is it will be available right around the time G2 owners contracts are expiring.

I've said it before and will say it again T-Mobile always starts out slow in the beginning/first quarter of the year but from the second quarter preferably around MWC they come out very strong and swinging at everything so look for more big and powerful devices to be announced and the well anticipated LTE network:D Go!

Not sure I can bring myself to buy another LG phone after all the problems with the G2X. Admittedly it runs well once you load a custom ROM on it, but that only solves the problem for those of us willing to go to that length. I feel like at a minimum T-mob should offer an accelerated upgrade path for G2X owners to this device, should it prove less buggy.

Would have been nice if they got the Galaxy Nexus, but Verizon's exclusive pretty much screwed all the other carriers. With all these other interesting devices, most of us would rather just get one of the new Tegra 3 ones :-P

I'm hoping there will be a CM9 build for the G4x...

I can't get another LG device. After the fiasco with the G2X device they have lost me as a customer. How they allowed some of that garbage to come out of production is an absolute mystery. Light leaks etc where blatant to the naked eye. If you can't get your production right then the OS makes no difference at all.