LG G Watch R

Our first look at the LG G Watch R is live right now, giving an overview of LG's much anticipated rounded smartwatch. But if you just prefer to look at pretty pictures, we've got a complete photo gallery of the G Watch R, its display module and its charging puck waiting after the break. Enjoy!


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LG G Watch R: In pictures


So is it Qi and puck charging or Puck only? I thought one of the main things about them making it better than the G Watch was it was going to have wireless charging? I suppose I need to read up some more.

Holy cow that thing looks massive on a wrist. I thought the 360 looked big, but this is a beast!

This does not look as good in these pictures as the concept pictures made it look. Looks like moto 360 for me.

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Are the wrists of tech bloggers all that skinny or else this thing is chunky as heck

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I like it.. I kinda been wanting a chunky watch.. And I'm glad they found a way to keep the sensor off the screen unlike Moto. Price?

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That's because they made the bezels HUGE, of course they didn't have to put that little black piece. They put a huge frame around it lol.

The permanent seconds dial is an issue for me. I was hoping those were at least backlit and would dim or turnoff in notification mode. They seemed to indicate that in the teaser video. I'll still withhold judgment until I get to see it in person.

Looks like the watch Jack brought down from the beanstalk. It's like the 1980s cellphone of a smartwatch. It's something a rapper would wear on a gold chain around his neck. If I wore this, aircraft might land in my backyard.

Finally a smart watch that I would consider purchasing. I want a watch that has a masculine look to it and this does. All the other smart watches would be perfect for my wife. I've been wearing casio g-shocks and pathfinders for years and need something a bit more substantial.

I would agree, big watches are in and i love g-shocks. I still like the moto360, but this looks cool.

I agree. I like the looks of this watch. Definitely a big man's watch.

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actually looks better than it seemed to in the original pictures I must admit but I still prefer the Moto 360 since this looks too much like a sports watch for me

Whaaaat the funk it that ? You could kill someone with that ! I'm glad I got the g watch that thing is ugly and way to big to wear in my job.

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Excellent pictures Alex! I wanna thank you in particular for the comparison photos vs the G Watch, pretty easy to guesstimate size off that (and determine the 360 is significantly smaller, based off previous leaks that compared it to the G Watch)... The photos of the bare display are pretty nifty too.

Personally, even tho I'm still favoring the 360 (smaller size + wireless charging), I could see a lot of men preferring this watch... Bigger is the current fashion trend, and that bezel will protect display better as well. I don't think the permanent hash marks are that big a deal, clearly others do tho.

This strap spoils the look of it...looks like they put no effort at all when disagning the 'sporty' looking strap connection to the basel.

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That actually looks seriously nice. I hope they add some color variations for the chassis and better strap options (of course you can always just grab something off eBay to tailor it).

Maybe a year more and smartwatches actually look great.

SORRY, but that dial is HORRIBLE. Look at the pic of it next to the original G Watch. And the device does NOT look premium at all. It looks like it's aping a premium watch, but it does not succeed. That bulky casing doesn't even look like it's stainless steel.