Optimus 3D

Confused about the dual-core, dual-channel, dual-memory technology that LG's been plugging in its new Optimus 3D? The manufacturer has created a new video to explain what it's all about, with the help of a simple analogy involving factories and conveyor belts. Put simply, the more factories you have, the faster you can create stuff, and the more conveyors you have the quicker you can get your stuff where it's meant to go.

There's also a run-down of some of the major features of the phone, which is expected to launch in the second quarter of the year.

Check out the video after the jump, and be sure to take a look at our Optimus 3D hands-on feature from MWC when you're done.


Reader comments

LG explains dual-core, dual-channel tech in Optimus 3D


This phone was just made about 75% cooler with the addition of LEGO people in the explanation.

It has been decided. I must have this phone. Oh dear god of the phone market, please make this an all carriers phone. I needs me a new phone *cries over dying pre-*

Yea so far i had my mind set on a Tegra2 phone (on sprint if possible) but this is right up there If this hits sprint before a T2 then i think i will go for this.

That was a glorious video. Haha
And I agree with TheTolsonator. That was so much better with the Lego people.

I'm still holding out for another physical keyboard phone on VZW. C'mon Merge! I still have my black tie warranty from Best Buy for my shitting out on me Droid

HTC needs to step up its game. I wish HTC would forget about the crappy low end phones like the wildfire and would start producing phones like this.

So LG is doing a double penetration into the smartphone market?

Double core, double channel and double penetration. :D