Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro leak

If leaked images of an upcoming Lenovo handset are to be believed, the Chinese manufacturer is looking to introduce a device with a QHD display. Dubbed the Vibe Z2 Pro, the device features a metallic chassis and specs that can take on the likes of what Samsung, LG and HTC have to offer.

The images reveal that the Vibe Z2 Pro has a metallic design that is reminiscent of last year's Lenovo K900. And like the K900, the Vibe Z2 Pro will also be a sleek device, with a thickness of just 7.7 mm. The Vibe branding at the back instead of the usual Lenovo logo indicates that the manufacturer is making a bigger push for the sub-brand.

In terms of specs, the Vibe Z2 Pro sports a 6-inch QHD display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, 16 MP camera with OIS and dual-LED flash, 4G network support, dual-SIM connectivity, 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, NFC and a 4,000 mAh battery.

There is no indication as to when this device may launch, but considering that these images were allegedly taken at an internal Lenovo event, an official launch might not be far away. As for availability, it is likely that the device will be initially offered in Asian markets, while a US launch may not even be on the cards. What do you think of the device? Would you be interested in buying the Vibe Z2 Pro if it was offered in the US?

Source: Sina Weibo (1), 2


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Lenovo's upcoming flagship leaked, sports a 6-inch QHD display


My goodness, what a spec beast
6" too huge for my pockets, but what amazes me most is 2Kscreen.. us it really necessary or just a sales gimmick that burns battery? I'm still 'only' on a 720p 5" screen and it's great IMO...

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Seriously. If I can't use it comfortably with one hand then I don't want it. If it weren't for the Moto X I would have to start ignoring flagship phones due to their inflated size. 6 inches? That's a joke to me.

Agree! There needs to be a balance between multimedia use, and mobility.

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Yes. I'm tired of the trend to 5.5 and huger screens. It's just ridiculous. They need to keep making normal size phones and then offer a max version of each for those phablet lovers. Seriously.
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+100. Granted, the larger the phone, the more hardware and pixels you can cram into it, but I don't like this trend of flagship = phablet-sized. Perhaps they'll converge, but so far, consumers have shown a preference for keeping the smartphone and phablet markets as distinct.

I can definitely notice a difference with 1080p vs 720p at 4.7", so at 5.5" it should be clearly noticeable. Also 1080p is still a 2K screen (meaning appx 2000 pixels on the long edge). We really need to stop going along with the marketing that is using cinema terms to describe screen resolutions. Quad HD, should be noticeable on 5.5"+ screens but below that it seems like it would eat more battery than the extra resolution would benefit you.

The issue I have with all these huge phones is for people like me that work in a non office environment. I work outside and have a big problem with big phones as they get in the way of bending over and when I carry large heavy objects they can get in the way and possibly be damaged when I'm carrying those objects against my body for stability. There's no way I can put it in my back or front pocket as it would get damaged or hurt me when I bend over or sit down. When the weather is nice and warm out I'm wearing minimal clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts. A big phone like that just is not practical for me. And most of the people I work with feel the same way also. Then, when the weather gets bad and it starts raining and I'm wearing my reindeer, a large phone is just even more difficult to store or carry. The Moto X is a great size. It is one of the smallest form factors with the biggest screen possible. If it fits perfectly in any pocket I have and moves around enough to not be in the way while I'm working even with a case on it. Just because I'm not in an office environment doesn't mean I don't want to have a nice flagship type phone. I hope more manufacturers realize this and continue to build phones with the smaller form factor similar to the Moto X. I see people in my line of work trying to manage phones the size of the Galaxy s5 & its unfortunately left behind in their truck for a large portion of the day as its just too difficult for them to carry with them.

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I hope that 5.5+ inch isn't becoming the standard norm in the next year, bigger isn't always better.
I don't want to be one of those people having to use a carry case on my belt for my device cause it doesn't fit my front pocket ( looking at you Note 3 )

Imo 5 inch is the sweet spot for a phone , if you want bigger there are 7 inch tablets out there but pls don't enforce the 6 inch ''phablets'' in the future.

I love the size of my Moto X 4.7" phone. I'm hoping that when I decide to get a new one in 2015 that the "Mini" phones are about that size and actually have real specs instead of this gimp crap they keep doing now.

You have a Moto X and you're talking about specs?! : p Totally agree with most posts here. No bigger than my N5. If they can reduce bezels to zero, perfect, but the phone itself better be less than 5.5". It would seem an overwhelming majority feels the same way. WTF are these OEMs doing? Oh right, people b*tch and then go buy it anyway...

Not interested. 6 inch is too big, no matter how thin the bezels are, how thin the phone is. Maybe I'd go as far as Oppo Find 7a (5.5 inch), but no more than that.

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5.5 is the perfect screen size for me. I have a Note 2 and I'm able to use it one handed.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

My old bionic had a sub hd screen and it was called 'qhd', how is this being labeled the same with a resolution over 1080p?

I like that the date 01-08-70

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

This phone would have been perfect had the screen not been that big. These exact specs fitted in to a device with a 5" screen = perfect.

Obviously a 4Ah battery would be slightly too big for such a device but even 3.5Ah would be fine

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Meh, I hope the UI doesn't suck.

Lenovo's idea of removing the app drawer and combining it with the home screen is messed up in my opinion. Also, it lags worse than TouchWiz at times.

Sounds awesome. Unfortunately it probably won't come to US, or even support all the North America LTE bands. Would be nice to throw in some wireless charging and waterproofing. Hopefully the camera has a fast lens.

That would be awesome. This is why I am excited about Motorola getting bought by Lenovo. Let's hope it works out in a good way.

Six inches is half a foot. Fifteen centimetres. On a cellphone display.
I wonder if this phone would have a Gingerbread menu button, I'm sure I could use another reason not to care about it... but hey, the 1440p display and 4000mAh battery are nice, I suppose.

I'm not surprised to see the usual "I have small hands, big phones suck" brigade bashing what seems to be a solid offering from Lenovo.

For me, it's not about having small hands. It's about trying to manage that large of a phone in my work day with the type of work that me and many others in this country do. Which is working outside in the trades. It's very difficult to carry a phone that is that large or even as large as the Galaxy s5 during the workday as it gets in the way of me being able to move comfortably and it could possibly get damaged very easily when carrying large objects as they take up so much space in the pocket they cannot move or slide out of the way. I have seen many large phones left behind peoples trucks for the vast majority of the work day because of this very issue.

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I'd be willing to be most of "us" don't have small hands, at all. We don't want huge phones TO BE THE NORM. Absolutely know there's a market for them (obviously).

Nobody is going to bitch about the 4g logo at the top, really? All the trendy talk about Verizon and their logo, but give this a pass....

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6" is the new 5". Wish I could have found one of these last year (should have bought a Mega) for the GF. That would have replaced her N4 and N7 and left some change in my pocket. It just has to float in the bathtub.

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Problem with big screens is adding bulky aftermarket cases. Pay $10 a month for decent insurance (Geek Squad) and enjoy your phone as it was meant to be: naked.

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Screen sizes should stop at 5.5 we can push it forward anymore and this who stuff is actually ridiculous imo

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5.5 for some, but personally a note 3 after a month or two of usage isn't too big and after adjusting to a "huge" screen the funny thing is. "Huge" is no longer "huge". Just takes time. 5.7 inches isn't bad I think with minimized bezels a lot of people could do 5.8-5.9. Maybe no everyone but setting a limit for "phones" would be a very apple thing to do, manufacturers make what we think we want. And we don't know what we want till they make it.

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