Mozilla, the folks who develop the Firefox browser, have bundled Chromecast support into the latest nightly build for Android. Users of the popular browser can cast tabs or videos from an Android device to any Chromecast on the same local network, using the Tools > mirror screen section in the browser settings. Be warned that this is a nightly and is pretty rough around the edges.

If you understand this and want to give it a try anyway, you'll find the latest build at the Firefox nightly page.

Via: +Lucas Rocha


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Latest Firefox nightly build includes Chromecast support


Haha sweet! Chrome doesn't have that built in xD

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Or does it now without using a plugin?

You can cast your entire device and open any app, Chrome included, and mirror your use. Works well.

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LOL, a phone doesnt influence this, the app does.

open the chromecast app, click the top left menu button, choose "cast screen."