Krispy Kreme

There are two kinds of people in this world -- those who love Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and those who are wrong. For those in the former group, there's now a "Hot Light" app for Android. Using sophisticated doughnut technology, it triangulates your position relative to nearby Krispy Kreme eateries and then notifies you whether the "Hot Now" sign is on -- and it'll alert when you the switch is thrown.

It is simultaneously the most happy (for when that sweet, sweet notification comes in) and sad (light no blinky) Android app we've ever used.

We've got download links after the break.

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Krispy Kreme for Android: The only app you'll ever need (Mmmmmmm ... Doughnuts)


Sadly the closest Krispy Kreme is out of a comfortable driving distance for me. :<

Not to mention as much as I LOVE their doughnuts, I rarely by them. (Damn diet.)

YES! I knew I couldn't be the only one! Krispy Kreme doughnuts are too much sugar and not enough substance.

Apparently it only lists Krispy Kreme owned stores, and not stores that sell Krispy Kreme. I can't drive an hour for something I can buy at a gas station down the street.

I would have thought this would have been pretty evident. The krispy kreme donuts you get at grocery stores and gas stations are days old if not longer where as the ones you get at the actual krispy kreme store is literally minutes old to a few hours. Their standard glazed donuts are made fresh right there so they can have a sign saying hot. How can a gas station have a sign saying hot when those donuts had to be trucked in?

Despite being one of the fattest regions in the USA, if not the world, Northeast Wisconsin had all of our locations close down a few years apparently you can consider Krispy Kreme "health food".

Phil do you actually live close to the Shawnee Mission Krispy Kreme, or did you just pick a random location in KS? Just thought it was weird considering it is the closest Krispy Kreme to me :-)

Krispy kreme is right up the street and dunkin doughnuts is about a mile down the road so i am good either way.

Still like my Starbucks app and the ability to (over)pay right from the phone.

I can't get near a Krispy Kreme store without blowing my diet for a week. If they added pay-by-scan like Starbucks I'd weigh 400 pounds.

Please, do not further dishonor the good name of donuts by calling a standard Krispy Kreme a donut.

It may be appealing to some and I've got no problem with people who like air and sugar held together with a touch of dough. But you need to realize that a standard KK is to a donut what a McDonald's patty is to sirloin steak.

Krispy Kreme is only good when you don't have access to Shipley's Do-Nuts. I'll take a Shipley's ANY day over a Krispy Kreme. When I lived in Colorado, the first thing I hit was either Shipley's or Whataburger when I crossed back into Texas!

Drover down to Houston for Thanksgiving, the 1st place I stopped at when I got there was a Whataburger. Wish they had one up here in Kansas City...

It really is a small world with so many of in this thread that are in and around Kansas City. Also, having lived in Houston for years you are making me hungry for What A Burger.

I live in London, UK and it says the nearest store is 3343 miles away. Seems a bit too far to go. Sob

Only the Speedway gas station and Kroger sell KK's around here, and the nearest Dunkin is 25 mi away. There are, however, a couple of real bakeries that sell Donuts, and some folks are fond of Tim Hortons. Heck, even Wal-mart puts out a pretty fair 'nut. None of the above have Android apps to declare the freshness though.