There may be more than you expected inside that KitKat wrapper

If you needed another reason to be excited about the KitKat cross-branding between Google and Hershey's/Nestle, the contest everyone has been talking about is now live.

Buy a specially marked KitKat bar, and after you're done licking the chocolate off your fingers look for a code inside the wrapper. Enter it at the KitKat site, and you might win a prize.

  • 1,000 Grand prize winners will get a shiny new Nexus 7
  • 150,000 winners will get a $5 Google Play credit
  • 20,000 winners will get a free 8oz. bag of KitKat Minis

Keep an eye peeled for those specially marked bars, and be sure to let us know if you win anything!

Source: Hershey's


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KitKat contest now live, win a Nexus 7, $5 Google Play credit or a bag of delicious


We say that aloud, but inside we're secretly glad he was bold enough to say it

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And this is why KitKat (Nestles) jumped on this bandwagon with both feet.

Companies are going to be only too happy to partner up with Google in the future.

Laughing --------------------------> Bank

Pretty sure the US only requirement is for the Hershey side of the promotion. Outside of the US it's Nestle that handles the KitKat. contest open as well

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Go figure!


Funny how these companies have no issues SELLING their products in Canada, but heaven forbid they offer contests to us. And the best part is. Canada has more smart phone users per capita than the United States!

We keep filling their pockets and getting screwed! Typical!

Is the Canadian KitKat distributed through Hershey? Nestle and Hershey both distribute the product. Canada may be eligible through Nestle's promotion.

you can go dumpster diving for rappers which would net you a code or multiple codes without purchase :D

"Surprise Surprise"
Everyone was waiting for key lime pie.. And all of asudden google bought kitkat.. :-P..
Nyc work google

First off Kit Kat is just a name of a brand and not a company and second, it is just a cross promotion between Nestle (who owns the Kit Kat name) and Google so they can make Android shaped bars.

Halloween is just around the corner. The best part of that is all the candy my wife feels compelled to buy falls in my hands because we get very few ghosts and goblins showing up at the door. I always have Kit Kats on the list of must haves for Halloween so, I'll have plenty of wrappers to open!

those Orange wrapper / Halloween kit kat bars are like CRACK!
it's my favorite part of halloween.
well, that and scaring the crap out of all the kids so they stop coming to the door and I can keep all the candy for myself.

Since they will only be available in select stores, I'm guessing I won't be able to buy a box of them at Costco.

You could always exercise after having a Kit Kat, then no fear of diabetes. Use a workout app on your phone to track your workout, it all works.

False. The high level of consumption of simple sugars is what messes with your body, not just the getting fat. If you consume a ton of crap but work out so you still look fit, you still have an increased risk of diabetes, your body still has to process the increased levels of blood sugar.

Has anyone actually seen one at a store yet??

I was kinda hoping they'd have one that was shaped like the statue at Googles HQ :-)

What happened to the Android shaped KitKats? I saw an article that said they would be one of the prizes but there is no mention of them now. I guess they were just for Googlers :(

From what I've read across the web, there are only 500 of them. A couple of tech sites mentioned receiving a couple of them. Pocket Lint claimed to have received 2 of them.

Anybody know what stores are participating? Was in a WaWa today and they didn't have any of the contest KitKat's..

To request a free Game Code, send a 3”x5” card with your full name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth and email address to: Android / KIT KAT® Instant Win Game Code Request, P.O. Box 760023, El Paso, TX 88576-0023. Game Code requests must be postmarked by January 31, 2014 and received by February 7, 2014. Game Codes will be emailed to the email address listed in the request.

I want the GMO free European kit kat though. Not the GMO infested Hershey's garbage we get in the states.

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I can never win anything through android central... I guess it's time to see if nestle will help me out! :-P

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There are going to be a whole lot of fat, lethargic, sugar high android geeks in the near future...

Oh wait, nevermind

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These chocolates are meant to be eaten for snacks only and not as staple for meals hence "Have a break. Have a Kitkat."

I hope I get picked for that Nexus 7, that would be nice to have my own tab again since my 3 year has taken over my Zoom with all her games and Disney movies.

Anybody else getting a real golden ticket...willy wonka vibe from this whole contest. I feel like the grand prize should be a full tour of mountainview. plus the nexus 7 obviously.

So uh. . .what exactly are the features that KitKat will be bringing???

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Sure, just as I start exercising and trying to lose some pounds, they suck me right back in with this.

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I bet it would of been the generic name key lime pie but kit Kat (Hersheys) wanted to take advantage of the marketing. Probably all the new OS names will be a brandname now. like lemonheads or lifesavers, M&Ms, nerds, oreo.

1. Google approached KitKat, not the other way around. This is broadly discussed.
2. "Would have", not "Would of". Try thinking about the words you use.

Seriously, which local retailers carries these? I've been looking out ever since the announcement

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UK too, at least (for once we win on the exchange rate.. £5 > $5).

Check the kit kat site for your local country.. You may be lucky.

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Because Hershey only makes KitKats for the US. Nestle makes KitKats in most other countries, and so they run the contest in most other countries.

@ Jerry Hildenbran

Thanks for such type of exciting post.

Is this offer going on all over world ?

Thanks in Advance

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Its not worth giving my email to another spammer for maybe a 1 in 10mill chance to win a tablet I already have.

I am so far over these 'save the trash to later input the obscure code' giveaways. My time is more important than taking my trash home to the computer to look stuff up!

Sorry, under cap, inside the wrapper, whatever. Just tell me if I win or lose, and quit trying to waste my time!

If only you had some sort of internet connected device you could take with you, so you could enter the code immediately after unwrapping it. Unfortunately, technology has a long way to go...

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I'm uber pissed. I can't enjoy this contest because i am anaphylactic (deathly allergic) to Dairy (the stuff that chocolate prides itself on), Tree Nuts (every nut besides the peanut), Kiwi (this has no explanation or caption really. Its just bizarre as can be), and latex (insert condom joke here if you must). So while everyone is buying up the kit kats for that new nexus 7 win, I can't participate because of my allergy. I've never tasted a kit kat and I don't know if I ever will. So please, for my sake reply to this comment with the best description of it's taste that you can conjure, so I can imagine the taste of the new version of android. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, If anyone knows of a way I can still enter for the N7 without buying the chocolate or eating it, please let me know. I really wanna participate, and it just sucks that i cant :(

Does anyone else find it odd that they're giving away more Google play store credits than bags of their own product? I would think a 20 oz bag of kit kats would cost less than a $5 credit.

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Bought a multi pack of promotion kitkats on the 9th sep from Saintsbury,s UK and one a nexus 7 o yes , next day bought another and won a £5 play store credit ,, get in woop :-)

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Still haven't found one Android KitKat. I live in Northern CA and checked several stores while on a visit in Austin TX last weekend.

Has anyone found an Android KitKat?

I found the specially marked KitKat at an HEB in Houston. I checked three different check out lanes, the first two had normal KitKats, on the third lane I found KitKats with Android on the wrapper. Unfortunately, it appears in the US it is one prize per person, since I won a $5 Play credit I now get that message if I try to enter more codes.

What message, mogelijk? I have also won a $5 credit but don't get any odd messages when I enter a new code other than the "Sorry, you aren't a winner" message. I went back and read the rules again and found the "1 prize per person" info. That's pretty lousy, if I can't try for a tablet, now and I have only eaten about 8 KitKats!

I won a $5 Google Play credit!!!


So if you've already won something... don't get all excited and keep buying more KitKats... you're DONE! I foolishly bought the last 10 KitKat bars left in the store that had the Android logo on them to try and win the Nexus 7. You can only win ONCE. Now I feel like Veruca Salt, from Willie Wonka, buying up all the KitKats so that "I" could be a winner, Daddy".

I didn't figure this out until the website kept looping me in circles and then told me I had "already played today". There was no message saying, you've already won, please stop buying KitKat bars... silly me! So I called Hershey and they congratulated me on my $5 Google Play credit and kindly told me that the language could be found in the official rules. Duh! Then they told me to have a "sweet day"!

So I managed to spend almost $30 to win a $5 Google Play credit. I feel stupid. Now I know why I don't buy lottery tickets!

By the way, the language IS indeed in the rules, for those who ever bother to read those things, but it's not posted anywhere conspicuous where a "normal" human being could read it and avoid throwing their hard earned $$ out the door and into their stomach.

The GOOD news... I can give away the remaining six bars to other people who are Android wanna-bees and maybe THEY can win, I suppose I could sign up under a different name/email address and use a different home address, but that seems like a lot of work and a tad bit dishonest... like hiding some ridiculous rule in the fine print!

Lesson learned. I prefer Snicker's anyway!