Kindle for Android

The latest Kindle for Android update is now rolling out to users, giving the app a bump up to version 3.4.0. The latest release has of course some bug fixes included in it but more importantly it addresses the size of the app as it is now a smaller download for all.

In addition to the size adjustment, Amazon has also included page numbers so that users may keep track of reading progress using numbers that match the real book. Why that took so long to implement we may never know but it's there now and that's pretty groovy. Hit the break for the download.


Reader comments

Kindle for Android updated to v3.4.0 - Reduced app size, page numbers and bug fixes


Why won't they add split pages on tablets? I love Kindle, but Google Books is so much better on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 cause I don't want to read on one really wide page. Amazon has split pages on ipad and even the Touchpad. Killing me.

The downside with that is if the app is a PreInstalled app. In this case, the app can't be moved to the SD Card. If you download ALLOT of books, you will run out of memory really quick.

Ask me how I know.

They definitely need to have a real Table of Contents feature instead of turning the page to the Table of Contents. This is slow and painful compared to other readers like Sony's eReader app or ASUS's MyLibrary eBook app.

Horizontal split pages is another thing that's missing as well. It's oddly not available.

I want the font and line spacing to allow me to fit more lines on a page. It much better a few months back. There is around 30 lines on my 7" tablet and could easily do 40-50 and still be readable.