Can't say we didn't see this coming. Word around the campfire was that the infamous 911HTC (née 911Sniper) blog that scored leaked HTC ROM after leaked HTC ROM had itself become the target, and tonight it's gone dead. The site itself redirects to Google.com, and its pages to Google 404s, though the ROMs still live on on their external hosting pages.

A shame, since we do love leaks around here. But at the same time, not surprising -- HTC takes its intellectual property seriously (as well it should). And the flip side of that is that leaked test ROMs can be fraught with danger, as evidenced by the recent bricking of HTC ThunderBolt's running one of these unofficial radios.

Oh, well. The game goes on, folks.

Via @LordG33k

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Now 911htc.com goes to an entirely different site altogether.

MOTOX2 says:

It just completely redirects me to google now...

PortareAF says:

Eventually every sniper is caught...

briankurtz79 says:

They come to snuff the rooster,
But no he gonna die!!

prestiti says:

A sniper may get caught, but evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.