Service requires compatible phone, enhanced SIM, ISIS app and participating store

ISIS Mobile Wallet, a competing service to Google Wallet backed by three major carriers, has finally made its official launch in the U.S. Customers with compatible phones and specific SIM cards on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile can now download the ISIS Mobile Wallet app and get started with mobile payments.

At a time when Google Wallet is pushing away from needing any specific carrier or even a secure element in the phone, ISIS requires quite a few hoops to get started. First up you'll need to be on one of the three aforementioned carriers, and that's it. Next, you'll need a compatible phone, which in every case is a subset of carrier-branded phones currently offered. You'll also need a so-called "enhanced SIM," which carries a secure element required for the transacation. Lastly, you'll need the specific ISIS Mobile Wallet app for your carrier — although they look identical, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile each have their own app in Google Play:

ISIS has also partnered with a specific set of banks (now sans Capital One) that give the best experience with the payment processor, but luckily you can also add any back account manually if you'd prefer. And once you're set up and ready to pay, you'll have to go to a retailer that has signed on with ISIS to have the proper terminal ready as well. ISIS provides a map to look up retailers, and in our area it looks like its basically limited to carrier stores (of course), some drug stores and random merchants we've never heard of.

If you're interested in giving ISIS a try, hit the break for a full list of compatible devices on each carrier.

Source: AT&T (PRNewswire); ISIS


  • Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE
  • HTC Droid DNA
  • HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE
  • Motorola Droid Maxx
  • Motorola Droid Mini
  • Motorola Droid Ultra
  • Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  • Motorola Droid RAZR M
  • Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD
  • Kyocera Hydro Elite
  • LG G2
  • LG Spectrum 2
  • Pantech Perception
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2


  • HTC First
  • HTC One VX
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One
  • LG Escape
  • LG Optimus G Pro
  • LG Optimus G
  • Pantech Discover
  • Samsung Galaxy Exhilirate
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Gaalxy S4 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • Sony Xperia TL


  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE
  • ​Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
  • Sony Xperia Z

Reader comments

ISIS Mobile Wallet now available for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile customers


Garbage! If you want to use your bank card, you have to sign up for ANOTHER card called AMEX Serve. Really? I thought this was suppose to make things easier, not harder??

I am with Sprint and I am enjoying the Google Wallet with no hassle, at lease to use the Google wallet you don`t need certain device .. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OTHER CARRIER USERS.

Amen! Google Wallet is far superior in every sense to Isis and I can use my own credit card. Every day I am glad I held out from moving to another carrier from Sprint when my service "was" bad. Fast LTE now, cheaper than Verizon and AT&T, and Google Wallet to boot.

thats great but you still have a horrible network, poor service and bad phones....thats why I left sprint....good luck with that

The app works on the LG G2. However, it does need alot of work. You can't see your transaction history nor can you add any loyalty card. I like how google wallet lets you add all your loyalty cards. I also don't like the fact that the app will not open if your NFC is not turned on. What if you only what to use your loyalty card, why do you have to turn NFC on if you are not using that feature.

Right? They made sure to include the proper sim card, but it's not supported?

Posted via Android Central App

Try downloading Google wallet I was able to download it on my Verizon note 3 and I didn't even have to root my phone it my be a glitch allowing some phones to use Google wallet

You can install Google Wallet, but the NFC payment part doesn't work. If it's working for you, that's either a fluke, or it's something that just started working.

I haven't tried to use it yet but wasn't able to Install it on my S3 it would tell me my device wasn't supported.

The Note 3 is supported actually but not officially I guess. I was able to install the backed up apk of Isis 2.0 from my old Note 2. Isis started up fine and I confirmed that it works at retail stores because I was able to use it at Toys R Us last night.

I dont want to support it just because the way they are choosing to implement it is by blocking google wallet and shoving this down our thoats. Its total BS.

That's ok... My Nexus 5 ships on the 22nd of this month... So I won't have to worry about Isis crap

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, my HTC One could install it but I get a pop up when I open the app that it won't work on rooted phones.

Who do you have? I noticed Htc one is supported on AT&T and TMobile but not Verizon. Unfortunately I have Verizon. I work for a Verizon Agent and really want to try this out.

My SG 3 is rooted and can't use it either. Oh well, maybe I'll revisit google wallet. Hope Isis crashes and burns

Posted via Android Central App

This is just trash. It took them this long to bring this junk to the table?! No one is going to use this in its current form.

Posted via Android Central App

I am on T-Mobile and have the LG G2 and use this app regularly and love it. I was given $25 last month and have only had to draw from my linked card three times. Love it 100% and will stay with Isis ready device for as long as this app is available.

I really want to use this (to get the free Cokes and 20% cash back rewards from Amex). But there's no one in my city that takes it - the map says no results in my area. If I drive 20 miles or so, there is a Verizon store, T-Mobile store, Foot Locker, and a couple of Coke machines that take it. Oh well... I will probably set this up later - for sure if they add Walmart or the local grocery stores.

In practice any retailer with a Visa Paypass of similar system will accept ISIS. It's the same system Google Wallet uses, just with a different backend. Every Whole Foods, 7-11, Wegmans, etc in my area works fine with it even though none of them are listed on the map. Just look for any credit card processing machine that has the extra "wedge" on the top and the contactless logo.

Get the Mobile Paypass app to find any local terminals (if it does in fact work on any that gWallet does). That said, F*CK Isis. Google Wallet is great, and I don't understand how they've been legally blocking it for the masses.

I'm going to get this to take advantage of the 20% off offer by installing it on my old Note 2 but as soon as it's over I'm uninstalling this garbage. I hate ISIS and their anti-competitive practices.

They did stop blocking with KitKat.

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android 4.2.2)

No, Google just worked around needing a secure element because that's the reason that carriers stated for blocking Wallet. Now that it is no longer a requirement we'll see what their next move is. I predict they either remove HCE support on their phones or block Wallet for some other BS reason.

This is crap. I want to use the service I choose, not who they push me towards. I really have issues because I paid full price for my phone on the Gophone plan. I shouldn't have to root my phone to use Google services.

Posted via Android Central App

Ha there's not a single retailer in my state that supports this POINTLESS system. Google Wallet, plain and simple.

Posted via Android Central App

Every retailer that supports Google Wallet supports ISIS. It's the same frontend, just a different backend. The system is a pain in the ass, but damn it for the right reasons.

I agree with you. Anywhere you can use Google wallet, you can use ISIS.

Posted via Android Central App on HTC One

Interesting how soon ISIS left pilot once Google Wallet became more open (no secure element required) in 4.4 Spooky how Verizon were blocking the Wallet app due to the secure element which this solution now requires.

How much do you want to bet that Verizon will start bundling this app with all their phones and put on all the other ones out there with an "update".

$10 free for setting up an AMEX "Serve" card that will automatically take money from my debit card.

Not that much different than how Google Wallet first launched with their prepaid cards (except Serve will just debit your card instead of having to have a prepaid balance). Now that they're live, I suspect they'll work on expanding card choice.

Is Verizon a pain for controlling it? Absolutely. But do I really care as long as I can actually use my NFC for payments? Nah. Now that the other big carriers have it, hopefully more stores will be interested in updating their payment systems to accept NFC payments, which is the real issue.

Not sure what you're talking about, I've never had a prepaid balance associated with Wallet.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

When wallet was first released they gave everyone $10 for setting the card up. This was before they allowed you to add your own debit card.

I wonder why Verizon removed support for the Note 3. It was working fine a few weeks ago. I hope they add support again very soon because who knows when we'll get Kit Kat and be able to use Google Wallet.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know if it is KNOX that is blocking it but I was able to get Isis to work on my Note 3. I used a backed up apk from my Note 2 and it installed fine on the Note 3. I can confirm that it works in stores as well.

I can also confirm that I'm running isis on my Verizon note 3. Just get the apk file from Xda and your good to go. I'm only doing this cause Verizon is blocking tap to pay on Google wallet. Bullshit!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Thanks for blocking tap to pay on google wallet verizon

Will not support Isis just because they are blocking Google wallet tap n pay so that we are forced to use Isis!!

Posted via Android Central App

I thought this would be a nice piece of tech. They have a lot of stores I frequent in NYC setup for tap and pay but if I want use my unsupported debit card, I have to pay American Express $10 and setup an account to pull funds from it? No, I'll stick to the old fashion means of cash or a swipe. I don't have to login in to either to pay.

I can also confirm that it gives you $10 free. I didn't put in any account info from my Bank and have already used some of the free money.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually, you don't even need a data connection with Google Wallet. Just have to add a balance to use off line.

HTC One not supported on VZ. Nor is GW.

IS someone actively trying to get me not use NFC payments? Because, well, it's working.

Hopefully with 4.4 you'll be able to use Google Wallet. That is unless Verizon removes HCE from their version of 4.4 or blocks Wallet for another bullshit reason.

Like others have said here earlier, On my AT&T Note 3 I've been using ISIS at any retailer, gas station, etc that uses NFC payments even if they are not listed on ISIS site it will still work. My only gripe is the fact that you have to set up an AMEX Serve account which I don't see the point of doing, I guess it acts as a middle man to access your bank account. And I also don't like the fact that you have to pre-load an amount of money to your account if your setting it up with your debit card. Goggle Wallet will just take the funds directly from your account. Once all is set up from the AMEX site everything is pretty straight forward and works well. Albiet, I would still rather use Google Wallet.

You don't have to pre-load - there is an option to use the debit card automatically for any payments. Right from the site: "I authorize this card to be used as an unlimited backup funding source for point- of-sale transactions."

Or you can set a limit, or not allow it.

Thanks for the info. I will log into the site and take a look. The site wasn't very intuitive when I first signed up it kept popping up other windows do this, do that, etc. so I kinda lost track of all the settings.

I verified that I already had the option enabled. I guess I just didn't pay attention to what it really meant. So, I guess when ever the amount I pre-loaded is depleated I won't bother reloading it and just let it take it directly from my account.

Isis isn't that bad. I tired it at a regular gas station. It does work like Google Wallet. So anywhere you have the tap to pay isis will work. I would prefer GW but isis will have to do since I'm on Tmobile

Posted via Android Central App

whenever i try using wallet on my note 3, tap and pay wont work so isis seems to be my only option at this time

Yup, and the only reason Wallet didn't work is because the carriers and ISIS blocked Wallet from working. With 4.4 Google has side-stepped the reason they bring up to block Google Wallet. Let's see if they simply remove that capability in their Android phones or if they come up with another BS reason to block it.

Even if it was impossible to use Google Wallet and ISIS was my only choice I would not use ISIS. I will not support an anti-competitive company which blocks the competition for two years while they take their slow time.

I've had GW sideloaded on my GNex since day one and always had Tap and Pay. When I get my Moto X (hurry up, FedEx!), will I still be able to use it?

The VZW HTC One received a small update at the end of September that specifically mentioned adding ISIS support. But the Google Play site says my device is not compatible. WTF

Screw Isis, they can keep the $10 to set up the Serve Account. I don't need yet another middleman card thing to deal with. Plus the fact that Google Wallet was/is blocked for tap and pay. It's all dodgy.

Couple things:

These compatability lists are off. The G2 on T-Mobile works without issue. It has shipped with the Isis Sim since it launched, and had the app preinstalled.

I have been using Isis for over a month in a non-test market (Chicago). Today may be the official PR launch, but its actually been active for a while.

Posted via Android Central App

I tried to play nice and use this on my rooted AT&T GS3 running the leak of the MJ2 4.3 ROM. Due to my phone being rooted it wouldn't even open. Told me in the error message even... "This phone is rooted and not supported."

Posted via Android Central App

I don't get why so many people are against this,yeah the carriers blocked Google wallet but if you want to use tap to pay so bad just go to sprint! I've been using isis on my note 3 for over a week now (it actually has been live for awhile) I've used it to buy things from the soda machine,Mcdonalds,and walgreens and it worked smoothly,it's a new service so not all cards are supported yet,remember Google wallet started the same way,I have a feeling most people just want to complain just to complain.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, move to sprint for tap n pay...

People are pissed because of the carriers making bs excuses to block gWallet for years, and then releasing their own LACKING system after all of this time. BTW gWallet worked just fine from day 1 when I had VZW LTE Gnex back in the day (before I wised up and left VZW).

The fact of the matter is things aren't going to change the 3 carriers have this joint venture with isis,it's a new service so you can't expect it to just be amazing off the bat,takes time to grow and speaking about the secure sim card all newer phones will already have the secure sim Pree installed going forward so for right now you have to go grab one from your carrier which is free btw,baby steps

Posted via Android Central App

It's not new. They did a two year pilot.
Won't use it.
I don't want an Amex Card.
I definitely don't want an Amex Pre-Pay that cost a buck/month.
I definitely don't want the unreasonable limitation put on me by Verizon so my only choice is ISIS.

I guess one way to get the business is to give your customers the "business".
Amex makes money from the merchant fees.
VZW and AT&T probably get some kickback.

My phone is rooted, with xposed framework.
I am running module that removes root and region check from Wallet.
Wallet Tap to Pay works great on my VZW Galaxy S4.

Hey Verizon!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Just like the other guy said.

This is hello lame. I was willing to give ISIS a try but no love for my Note 3. I'm ready to just root and use Google Wallet.

Posted via Android Central App

I knew my Verizon S3 would be incompatible (unlocked, rooted, CM'ed, soft keys enabled, etc...) but I must say I'm almost proud of the fact that I get the black "This device isn't compatible with this version" banner across the top (and only when I click a direct link, I can't search for it in the play store). My device is so customized I can't try it even if I actually wanted to.

Posted via Android Central App

I have NO PROBLEMS using my HTC one phone wit the "enhanced sim" from T-Mobile...been using Isis for a good 2 weeks now and no hiccups at all....and the Amex Serve is pretty dope..not too many steps to setup ya bank card...I like it to the fullest

Posted via T-Mobile HTC One

Bitch about Sprint all you want for their signal and speeds... At least they're great for things like Google Voice and Wallet.

Let it FAIL!!! Make it FAIL by side loading Google Wallet on VZW devices.
Teach those pricks at Verizon a lesson to work with their customers not against them.

Have had it for a few months on T and it works very well. They need to add more places that accept Isis, but the application works. I don't like the idea that the only card accepted is Amex though.

Posted via Android Central App

I have the LG G2 but when I upgraded the NFC SIM card the wireless charging stopped working. I need the wireless charging more than the ISIS.

The ISIS wallet is the worst app I've ever had the displeasure to work with.Initially after downloading onto my droid mini it would not link my Serve card to the account, after a week it finally was able to link, after of course many phone calls. Now when I finally go to use it, It is telling me it requires an enhanced Sim card, which my droid mini has. I'm done with it. Huge FAIL! Oh and to be politically incorrect, when I first started calling tech support at Verizon I was able to understand the customer service people. When they finally connected me to ISIS the representative there, on top of being unable to help, was also difficult to understand. English was not her first language and it was obvious. I guess that should have tipped me off right then and there that I should have canceled it then. I love wasting hours of my life, ones I'll never get back.