Live at CES

Here's a special treat for you folks from us here at CES in Las Vegas. Casey Chan and I got a chance to chat-it up with Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager, shortly after the launch of the Nexus One. We also talk some about the future of HTC and Android, whether the Nexus One could beat the HD2 in a fight, and what's up with your phone getting an updated version of Android. Listen in!

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Interview with HTC's Eric Lin at CES


Great interview but was there some agreement before hand not to ask about future products? Right around 5:00, when Eric mentioned they want to advance Sense on Android and how the Nexus One was not the culmination of what HTC wants to do I was hoping you would jump in with a follow up and ask when me might expect a Nexus One like phone with the next revision of Sense (rumored Bravo phone for example).

Good question. No, there were no ground rules. But you can ask HTC (or any other ODM, carrier or OS-maker for that matter) about future products, and you'll get the same answer every time. :)