Are you an everyday user of Google Voice? Do you use it as a primary number when exchanging contact information with others, in case you need to use the block feature in the future, or because you are simply not willing to give out your actual phone number?

TechCrunch reports that internal testing of a desktop app that can place and receive calls is under way, as part of the Gizmo5 purchase last year. While more information about the application, as well as it's release date have not been announced, we can take the internal testing as positive light that it is definitely on its way, and hopefully sooner then later. [via TechCrunch]


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Google Voice desktop app being tested


Well I believe (since they mentioned Gizmo5) that you would be able to take/make calls on your computer, versus having to use an actual phone. Pretty excited to see this come out! Been waiting for GV to do something with Gizmo5 since they acquired them a while back. Looking forward to testing this!

The Chrome extension doesn't allow you to take or make calls on your computer, but maybe with this desktop client they'll integrate it with the Chrome extension and make an option to call using your local machine...? Who knows.

I just switched to Chrome from Opera and the GV extension was the first thing I got. The problem with it is that it's not persistent enough. I can't tell you how many txts I thought I sent only to realize that I clicked outside its small box, thus closing the extension before the SMS was actually sent. Another thing is just being in the middle of writing a txt, if you click outside for some fact checking, everything you've written is gone.

What this means is that GV is taking the next step towards VoIP calling on a mobile device. GV on my Droid is great now, but if i could use it without eating up my minutes i'd love it. Skype is overrated, and a total waste of advertising (you can only call skype numbers without charge). And that isn't over WiFi either. At least Verizon has awesome coverage.