Do yourself a solid and head on into the options for Instagram v4.0. There you're find a checkbox to keep the all-new InstaVines from automatically playing. Your ears will thank you. The ears of your friends will thank you. And it should speed up the app a little as well.

And we, also, thank you.


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Instagram's newest, most important option


That's funny my Note II did the same thing with the demonic voice. I'm running Jelly Beans v17 and put a video of my kids on there. The video plays fine but the sound is in slow motion and not synced with the video. It was actually quite funny though...

Yes! I noticed this feature when I updated the app, it's what I like the most comparing it to Vine, which autoplays everything and is kind of annoying.

Notice the screen shot is an HTC One. Sweet. :) I imagine auto-playing videos could be embarrassing with those speakers and BoomSound. ;)

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The whole "It's not Vine, it 15 seconds, not six seconds." thing reminds me of the scene in "There's Something About Mary" where the hitchhiker is explaining that he's going to get rich by coming out with a workout program called "Six-Minute Abs" to one-up the popular "Seven-Minute Abs" that dominated that ab workout/scam market of the time.

First thing I went looking for after updating the app. I'm not sure how these videos are cached, but if they're downloaded entirely whether you play them or not, then there should be an option to disable that, too...

OMG! i thought i was being tricked by a dem0n. i got really scared when i played a vide0 0n my ph0ne. the video is fine and c0ntinu0sly playing but the s0und gave me chills. thanks i f0und this page t0 answer my terr0r when i searched 0n g0ogle.